Message from Reinhard Wolff in Nice Respectable People Group #member_of_the_month

2018-04-07 04:30:08 UTC  

**February 2018**: @Valaska. Flyering quite a few schools.

**March 2018**: @Matthias. Planning IE's first conference, *Leading Our People Forward.*

**April 2018**: @wayne peek, for planning the SA action.

**May 2018**: @Veritas#7321. Apollo and Mercury work.

**June 2018**: @Brunswick Social media and content management.

**July 2018**: @Ben - OH Accounting work.

**August 2018**: @AltRightMick Leadership in Illinois and nearby states.

**September 2018**: <@537401278758649866>-PA#9651 Excellence as a coordinator, activist, and advisory councilmember.

**October 2018**: Lex Superb work creating our third generation flyers.

**November 2018**: @Argument of Perigee DTR, local organizing, patron liaison

**December 2018**: @Bogl - CA for his outstanding work in NorCal

**January 2019**: @Louis Loire - NY for his excellent work as NY coordinator and vice director of activism