Message from Konrad - MD in Nice Respectable People Group #receiving

2018-08-19 18:46:06 UTC  

From SD btw.

2018-08-19 19:35:56 UTC  

Welcome @Kaledin - SD Please read <#405211244023382016> and <#371705962224025610> as soon as you're able. Someone will be with you shortly.

2018-08-20 18:38:19 UTC  

Welcome @Bret Maverick Please set an avatar and make sure to read through the rules section before posting! Welcome to Identity Evropa!

2018-08-20 22:51:36 UTC  


2018-08-20 22:53:03 UTC  

How do I set an avatar and where are the rules

2018-08-20 22:56:27 UTC  

Is this just a chat room

2018-08-20 22:58:23 UTC  

Hey there, this is John your interviewer, I will message you shortly

2018-08-20 23:44:17 UTC  

Hi, I'm from Sioux Falls, SD. Glad to meet everyone!

2018-08-21 00:13:44 UTC  

Welcome @Verus_SD ! Please read <#405211244023382016> and <#371705962224025610> as soon as you are able.

2018-08-21 01:24:22 UTC  

@Verus_SD you should see guidebook as soon as your dues verification has been confirmed.

2018-08-21 03:21:11 UTC  


2018-08-21 03:37:02 UTC  

@Grayson Hey! Who was your interviewer?

2018-08-21 03:59:26 UTC  

hi there! it was Sean Nash 😃

2018-08-21 04:00:06 UTC  

I am still trying to figure out how this thing works btw so be patient with me. My laptop is a piece of crap is getting old and it's very slow

2018-08-21 04:00:29 UTC  

so the "birdwatching enthusiasts" threw me off lol

2018-08-21 04:02:20 UTC  

I mean.... I love birds...

2018-08-21 04:08:32 UTC  

so anybody else from Utah ? I need to find some like-minded people. Sean said there is a pretty good group here in Utah. I am stoked to hear that. It can get pretty lonely when you constantly have to bite your tongue. Although I voice my opinion plenty

2018-08-21 04:15:04 UTC  

@Grayson If you wait until the morning, your coordinator will get in touch with you

2018-08-21 04:18:27 UTC  

awesome. thank you for the heads up John O ! I appreciate the heads up. It's been a long day so I am pooped. but I am stoked to have found a family of people who share my views. I look forward to getting to know some of you better. Off to bed. Goodnight !

2018-08-21 04:31:46 UTC  

@DannionP, thank you for paying your dues. Your account has been verified.

2018-08-22 05:42:13 UTC  

Hello everyone, my name is Konrad and I am from Maryland. I am eager to be a part of IE and to meet all of you.

2018-08-22 05:44:51 UTC  

@Konrad - MD Hey there, please set a profile picture as soon as possible. Your local coordinator is @Deleted User and he should be with you soon

2018-08-22 05:45:56 UTC  

how do I set a profile picture guys?

2018-08-22 05:45:58 UTC  

Ok great, will do

2018-08-22 05:47:05 UTC  

and .. hi Konrad. I'm Grayson and I am a new member too. I am in Utah. and I am eager to meet my local brothers and finally be some like-minded guys who share my views

2018-08-22 06:08:55 UTC  

Welcome @Grayson please read <#405211244023382016> and <#371705962224025610> as soon as you are able.

2018-08-22 06:09:54 UTC  

<#371705962224025610> will be visible soon.

2018-08-22 06:21:35 UTC  

Hello, Gerald Cunningham here.

2018-08-22 06:23:38 UTC  


2018-08-22 06:24:23 UTC  

Thank you! I suppose I should mention location; College Station, Texas. Glad to be here!

2018-08-22 06:29:47 UTC  

Welcome @Gerald Cunningham please read <#405211244023382016> and <#371705962224025610> as soon as you are able.

2018-08-22 14:59:10 UTC  

Hello there!

2018-08-22 15:00:37 UTC  

I’m Rebecca, live in Maryland, and it’s nice to meet you all guys

2018-08-22 15:10:53 UTC  

Hi Rebecca, welcome to the server. I will see to it that you are granted access to the women's only platform. @Milton - MD

2018-08-22 15:39:24 UTC  

My interviewer was Greychak. Look forward to hearing from my coordinator to send proofs

2018-08-22 16:27:04 UTC  
2018-08-22 16:27:47 UTC  

@Grayson Who was your interviewer?

2018-08-22 16:34:06 UTC  

Yes, I interviewed him. @John O -

2018-08-22 16:37:08 UTC  

Welcome Gerald!

2018-08-22 16:41:43 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham
You now have access to the rest of the server. Make yourself at home.

2018-08-22 18:46:31 UTC  

Sean Nash interviewed me