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2017-09-17 17:51:54 UTC  

Welcome back, everyone. Server Rules are incoming.

2017-09-17 17:52:13 UTC  

**Server Rules**

1. Advocation of illegal activity in any way will result in immediate removal from the server. At administrative discretion, this may result in either a temporary suspension or a ban that will not be lifted without approval for re-entry from Nathan. Any suggestion of violence, serious or joking, is likewise prohibited.

2. Any topic of discussion which is becoming divisive among members must be dropped immediately. This will be considered no-fault as long as the topic is dropped as soon as it becomes apparent that it is creating agitation among members beyond what would be expected for normal, civil debate.

3. The posting of National Socialist memes, symbols, or any other advocacy or promotion of NS ideology or associated historical figures from the Third Reich is not permitted. Such content will be removed and may result in further action, up to and including a server kick, depending on the severity of the violation.

4. White Sharia is likewise not permitted and carries the same penalties as the posting of NS imagery or memes.

5. Disrespect of any members (to include disobeying moderator orders or insulting other members) will be met either with a warning or possible restriction or removal from the server on a temporary basis. A second offense will result in removal from the server with no re-entry granted without approval from your state coordinator (or regional if your state has no coordinator).

2017-09-17 17:52:34 UTC  

6. All conversation on the server must be productive. "Shitposting" is not permitted. Theoretical discussions, like the sort of "this is what we should do when we have an ethnostate" are likewise prohibited.

7. No discussion of weaponry of any kind is permitted on the server. Discussion of historical artifacts, in a historical context, where those artifacts happen to be weapons, is permitted as long as this is not used as a proxy for discussion of how those weapons may be put to actual use. Discussion of sports such as martial arts and fencing is also exempt from this rule.

8. Any links to enemy websites must be run through This is not limited to explicitly antifa websites, but includes any media site hostile to our point of view. If in doubt, archive it. Websites that have been inappropriately directly linked will be deleted without warning.

9. Taking a screenshot of any IE Discord server (or any other official IE communication medium), except to share to another channel on IE Discord other than receiving, is grounds for dismissal from the organization.

10. Moderators have the right to take action to curb any other conduct not specifically mentioned here which steps outside the boundaries of how a European should conduct themselves in polite discourse.

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2017-09-19 20:27:30 UTC  

@everyone the last set of project siege packages has been sent out!

2017-09-19 20:27:46 UTC  

If you have recieved yours and not used it yet, please do.

2017-09-20 06:19:03 UTC  

Reminder: If you're participating in Project Siege, you should put up flyers in designated flyering areas (generally bulletin boards) and refrain from placing them near the doors of teachers, diversity centers, etc. @everyone

2017-09-20 23:51:04 UTC  

@everyone reminder: quick fireside chat in 10 minutes in general chat. Should only be about 30 or so minutes to go over some things coming up and one other topic. Thanks!

2017-09-21 23:11:55 UTC  

@everyone If you are a student at a public school and are afraid you will get kicked out for your involvment with our movement, you need to stop being so scary. I literally started a nation-wide pro-white organization, have fliered multiple times at my school as well as others, was involved in a riot at Berkeley where I punched a woman in the face (equality bitches), and participated in Charlottsville where someone died and I still haven't been kicked out. You cannot be kicked out of your school for activism as long as you are not threatening people with violence.

2017-09-21 23:12:57 UTC  

If you go to a private school, your bourgeoisie ass is burnt.

2017-09-24 23:45:13 UTC  

Thank you to @everyone who donated and/or participated in this weekend's DACA protest!

IE will be releasing our own content soon (to focus on our contributions, obviously), but here's a small clip from the event if you missed it.

2017-09-25 18:01:35 UTC  

The After Action Report from our recent protest has been posted. Please take a look and retweet this: @everyone

2017-09-26 00:33:21 UTC  

@everyone Vista Print is having a 50% off sale right now. You can get 500 business cards for 20$. If you want to get some, here are a bunch of designs for alt-right organizations.

2017-09-26 03:20:07 UTC  

Attention @everyone: If you're interested in participating in the upcoming DC activism event on October 7th, you should join this server:

2017-09-26 03:20:58 UTC  

You should definitely make it out for this one.

And as usual, if you cannot attend but want to help this happen. you can donate here:

2017-09-26 19:09:52 UTC  

Let's all give our Georgia chapter an e-round of applause for their latest activism!

Make sure to retweet:


2017-09-26 22:23:10 UTC  

@everyone @JRobertson is hosting an IE beach trip, perhaps in line with the Spencer event. It will take place October 15th-21st, after the Dixie camping trip. It will be on a private area with few tourists reachable by bridge. The location is in the panhandle close to the AL/FL state lines. Prepare to pay a fee of 30$ a night, or a total of 180$ per person for six days. This is not including food or drink. The purpose of this event is to promote camaraderie, networking, distribute propaganda and to support Spencer if his event happens, although mainly this is an IE beach vacation. DM @JRobertson if you are intrested.