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2018-03-19 16:51:58 UTC  

From @Johday - GA

After some delay, The Identitarian publication is finally coming together. A site has been secured and Wordpress has been integrated. The dream is becoming reality. In addition, we have set a potential launch date.

Out of 34 people who said they were interested, only eight people sent in articles. The Identitarian is our platform, and, therefore, the greatness thereof rests on our shoulders. However, the success of a publication lies on the consistency and quality. We need good writers, and we need quality content. So, the publication needs consistent writers and those of you who wish to contribute less frequently. Remember, this publication represents us. If you want to write, you need to be willing to really put effort into your writing.

Please, if you want to contribute, DM @Johday - GA


2018-03-21 04:52:57 UTC  

Last week was the best week in terms of applications we've had since *at least* September. What we're doing is working, and all of you are a playing a part in the growth of this organization.

We're going to keep up the momentum and continue to demonstrate that we are an organization that is built to last -- one that's capable of altering the course of this country's history for the better.

Fireside tomorrow (technically today) at 8 PM EDT. I'll see you there!


2018-03-21 19:27:32 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Firesides will henceforth begin at 8:30 PM EDT, which includes tonight.

Also, after the fireside I will be giving @sigruna14 a list of latepayers to remove from Discord. Everyone on this list has been given multiple warnings via email. If someone is removed yet wants to stay in IE, they can do so once they pay their dues.

2018-03-21 19:34:04 UTC  

This is the new PayPal we'll be using until our business account is set up.


2018-03-21 19:35:12 UTC  

@everyone Do not DM me about this. I don't handle dues. Our dues people are @Ben - OH and @ophiuchus. If you know you're late but have just paid, you should probably also let @Reinhard Wolff know.

2018-03-22 00:55:54 UTC  


2018-03-22 01:16:16 UTC  

@Johday - GA is the guy for *The Identitarian*. @everyone

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2018-03-22 04:50:02 UTC  

The purge has been postponed until tomorrow. You're all safe...for now. @everyone

2018-03-22 15:29:18 UTC  

@everyone The purge is complete. For those who were kicked out, we want them to come back, but they have to go out and come back in *L E G A L L Y.*

2018-03-23 01:03:42 UTC  

The videos from Leading Our People Forward have been uploaded, thanks to @FACINEMA. Great work!


2018-03-23 02:06:23 UTC  

@everyone @Ben - OH is having trouble identifying who sent a few Zelle payments this past week. If these are your initials and you sent this amount via Zelle, DM @Ben - OH to work this out.

Initials = EL, $10, 3/16
Initials = RD, $55, 3/21
Initials = JL, $100, 3/22

In the future clearly identify yourself, ideally your Discord handle, with any Zelle payments.

2018-03-23 12:37:05 UTC  

@everyone Please remember that anything you post can and will end up being somebody's first impression of Identity Evropa. Things that will leave a bad taste in the mouths of new people and make them question their involvement with us will definitely not be tolerated for one single second. Just because you see somebody else post something stupid isn't a license for you to do it. Stay out of it and tag <@&358437309076602912>. Everything you post here is representing IE. Act like it.

2018-03-23 12:58:48 UTC  

@everyone Rule 7 has been updated to clarify that spamming chat is not allowed.

2018-03-23 14:38:30 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Our legal defense is expensive and ongoing, and we are deeply appreciative of all the donations we have received. @Agree&Amplify - GA thought it would be good for members to get something back for their donations, and he has launched an IE tanktop fundraiser.

From @Agree&Amplify - GA: The tanktops cost $30 dollars, with the option of donating more at the checkout page. Spring is here, and Summer is coming. Let’s flex our guns, beat this lawsuit, and become stronger than ever. The fundraiser will conclude on April 8th. Thank you! 💪🏻

2018-03-26 17:54:23 UTC  

@everyone I have no idea of the credibility of this - it seems to me if the Discord team knew this guy's ID, they would ban him - but better safe than sorry, so I am sharing:

Look out for a Discord user by the name of "Albaᛉ" with the tag #4720 . He is going around sending friend requests to random Discord users, and those who accept his friend requests will have their accounts DDoSed and their groups exposed with the members inside it becoming a victim as well. Spread the word and send this to as many discord servers as you can. If you see this user, DO NOT accept his friend request and immediately block him.
stay safe. if you don't see the user, then warn others

-Discord team

2018-03-26 20:00:21 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Please hold off on sending anything to our PO box. We're having a minor issue, but there's a good chance your letter may be return if you do so until further notice.

We'll have this sorted out tomorrow and will give you an update then.

2018-03-27 02:55:55 UTC  

I just ordered an IE tank top. Why haven't you? The proceeds go to our legal defense fund.


2018-03-28 19:06:25 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Fireside tonight at 8:30 PM EDT. See you all there!

2018-03-29 00:33:14 UTC  

@everyone Fireside now! Join general voice and **MUTE YOUR MIC OR I WILL MUTE IT FOR YOU!!**

2018-04-01 02:43:04 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

DM me if you have graphic design experience and are capable of putting some work in tonight and tomorrow.

2018-04-01 14:35:23 UTC  

@everyone If your name on your bank account has initials JM and you recently sent a dues payment via Zelle, contact @Ben - OH so he can properly credit it to you.

2018-04-01 15:23:29 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

The PO Box issue from earlier this week was resolved, and the site is up to date. Thank you for your patience!

2018-04-01 17:41:11 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

It is with a heavy heart that I hereby formally announce my resignation from Identity Evropa.

While I took the position with only the best of intentions, I will confess that the subsequent wealth and riches led me down a dark path. Prior to becoming Executive Director, I had only seen a few anime series, and remained ambivalent about the genre as a whole. However, after a few weeks in my new position, I found myself entirely unable to stop watching anime. Some days, I would just sit in my truck and watch Dragonwaifu Season 3 on repeat. Eventually, I began spending all of my paychecks on anime figurines and katanas.

Thankfully, a sagacious IE member took note and intervened. And were it not for his guidance, I would have likely overdosed on manga by now. This individual recommended that I attend anime rehab, where I would be able to break the addiction for good. I agreed.

That individual’s name is @Deleted User, and I have nominated him to be my successor. You might be thinking to yourself at this point, “But Patrick! How could a dog run Identity Evropa?! Is he really going to keep those goggles on the whole time?! Bad optics!” So while I understand that you all might have reservations about your new Executive Director, I would remind you that were it not for @Deleted User, I likely wouldn’t be here.

2018-04-01 18:03:19 UTC  

Happy April Fool’s, everyone. I hope you’re having a great weekend!


2018-04-01 22:36:34 UTC  

I want someone to make me a great flyer with the following:

Info on the caravan
Facts on illegal immigration (fiscal impact, 3/4 of illegals using fake socials, etc.)
What to do -- call white house with number

Let’s make this happen.


2018-04-03 00:14:33 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

Here's the properly sized flyer. Let's print these out and get them up tomorrow. As I said earlier, the first three people to flyer and post pictures in <#359086234175275010> (like we normally do) will get prizes.

2018-04-03 02:13:36 UTC  

It was announced that Mexico will be breaking up the caravan. Let's hold off on these flyers until we're given evidence that this isn't the case. @everyone

2018-04-03 03:28:32 UTC  

Alright, we’ve been given that evidence. Let’s put those flyers up!


2018-04-04 03:21:07 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

As many of you already know, we have a very promising action coming up later this month that will focus on the South African situation. **This event will likely be even bigger and better than the Nashville demonstration** for a number of reasons.

Many of you are already attending the action. But for those who are not, **I would like you to please consider donating to help make this happen.** We're spending between around $1000 on lodging, materials, transportation (to and from the action), etc. I'd also like to be able to feed our activists, who will be spending their own money on this as well.

If you're interested in pitching in, **please send your donation to with a note designating it for the SA action.**

Thanks! I'm looking forward to this event -- it's going to be our best yet.

Fireside tomorrow at 8:30 PM EDT. See you all there!

2018-04-04 04:23:05 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

We’re very pleased to showcase a webinar series about a variety of topics within professional political activism. Want to hear professional debate tactics and learn how to anticipate your opponent? Do you want to learn the considerations that go into propaganda design? Want to see what it takes to plan a successful event? The first topic will be hosted by a very special guest and new member to IE on a private youtube stream at **7 PM Eastern on Tuesday, April 10th.** Whether you’re a public IE activist or only a member in secret but want to find other ways to help the cause, this knowledge is valuable, and it’s only being provided to IE members.

Stay tuned for future updates and the stream next Tuesday. See you there!

2018-04-04 04:35:15 UTC  

REMINDER: Buy a tank top to support our legal defense! Only four days left.


2018-04-05 00:17:16 UTC  

The fireside will start in 15 minutes. See you all there! @everyone

2018-04-05 00:33:43 UTC  

The fireside is starting now! @everyone

2018-04-05 01:17:59 UTC  
2018-04-05 03:42:40 UTC  

Attention @everyone:

From our friends at American Renaissance:

We'd like to offer a special rate to IE members for the AR conference. The IE rate would be $150, compared to the regular rate of $225. American Renaissance also offers a special student rate. The rate is available to new registrants only (in other words, it's not available retroactively).

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of either the student rate or the IE rate can book with the AmRen office directly at 703-716-0900 any time from 9 - 5, Eastern.

2018-04-05 21:54:22 UTC  

Sadly, custom ink has shutdown our fundraiser and has refunded everyone. Other IE merch and t shirts are available in <#405701541735956512>. Apologies for the inconvenience. @everyone

2018-04-06 20:19:12 UTC  

@everyone Reminder that if you pay dues by bitcoin to our wallet, DM me to say so. I'm unable to credit you otherwise.