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2017-07-01 05:24:54 UTC  

Someone, tell me, what is baathism?

2017-07-01 05:25:41 UTC  

it doesn't exist, at least i think, that's why i said it'd make a good troll article

2017-07-01 05:25:45 UTC  

i may just write that xD

2017-07-01 05:26:06 UTC  

like that guy from South Africa who pretended to be a broad and then HuffPo published it ahahah

2017-07-01 05:26:24 UTC  

and it was about taking away White men's rights to vote, basically rights to political power

2017-07-01 05:26:52 UTC  

On top of that, if the "patriarchy" has brainwashed the THOTs to enjoy rape, WHY IN THE FUCK, would we take all the time trying to impress and woo a bitch, just for the opportunity to MAYBE stick our peepee in them?

2017-07-01 05:27:00 UTC  

Retardation at it's purest form, desu.

2017-07-01 05:28:37 UTC  

Wow, you're right. That would make an amazing troll article. It's sounds perfectly like some retard ess-jay-double u wpi;d type up

2017-07-01 05:29:03 UTC  

they think the patriarchy is ancient

2017-07-01 05:29:10 UTC  

its been in power forever

2017-07-01 05:29:19 UTC  

they think there is a rape culture

2017-07-01 05:29:33 UTC  

this is just an understanding of that from an evolutionary psychology perspective

2017-07-01 05:29:46 UTC  

with the conclusion that all feminists want to hear which is

2017-07-01 05:29:50 UTC  

Thots dindu nuthin

2017-07-01 05:30:05 UTC  

on the strawpoll what would a constitutional capitalist confederacy where women cant vote be

2017-07-01 05:34:19 UTC  

@Anarchyng R A P E C U L T U R E

2017-07-01 05:39:07 UTC  

How fucking stupid does that sound? You can't be even partially sane and think it's a tangible concept.

2017-07-01 05:39:29 UTC  

what, a constitutional capitalist confederacy?

2017-07-01 05:44:36 UTC  
2017-07-01 05:45:29 UTC  

@Guan Not too sure. Do they have anything about it on Google?

2017-07-01 05:46:39 UTC  

i doubt there are many other people who are in favor of such a gov't, except maybe traditionalists

2017-07-01 05:47:45 UTC  

@Requiem Bumped. Check it, the third reply on the thread.

2017-07-01 05:49:33 UTC  

@Requiem Pic related is you. <:neverEnd:300038989056835584>

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2017-07-01 05:50:33 UTC  

You know that River you call the Mississippi!?? That's actually the Nile! Yeuh! @Requiem

2017-07-01 05:52:42 UTC  

@Finesse the funniest part is the idea of them thinking that rape turns men on, LOOOL as opposed to the woman actually wanting you

2017-07-01 05:52:46 UTC  

that to me is top kek

2017-07-01 05:53:10 UTC  

rape culture, fucken LOL

2017-07-01 05:55:15 UTC  

@Anarchyng That's so fucking true. More women fantasize about being fucked in more forcible fashion. Guys, usually only fantasize of being dominant, with a bit of roughness to top it off.

2017-07-01 05:57:28 UTC  

they wanna be conquered in a manner that is often disturbing for more, shall we say "romantic" minded men

2017-07-01 05:58:15 UTC  

either way, its all good, if the T is high, they broads get the colonization they want

2017-07-01 05:58:20 UTC  


2017-07-01 06:00:01 UTC  

@Anarchyng >MFW I've never had a thot who was super aggressively into wanting me to dominate her

2017-07-01 06:00:24 UTC  

mfw no gf

2017-07-01 06:00:29 UTC  


2017-07-01 06:01:01 UTC  

^time for gains

2017-07-01 06:01:43 UTC  

nah i just live in a thot zone and i have standards

2017-07-01 06:02:01 UTC  

Everyone wants me to dominate them, and if you don't, you do

2017-07-01 06:02:15 UTC  

authoritarian right

2017-07-01 06:02:28 UTC  

"everyone wants me to dominate them" > everyone wants you to dominate their broads? not sure i understand

2017-07-01 06:03:02 UTC  

@Guan my condolences for your current situation, sir. #EndThotZones