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200 years

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Pepsi is the Egyptian name for the devil

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New people 0-0

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200 years lmfao

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Poast thanos

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Someone neg him on that

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Pepsi will have a monopoly once the wall is built and the flow of coke from Mexico is stopped

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Coca Cola > Pepsi

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two hundred year old nick

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Last Friday I took my little sister to see the new Minions film. (It was excellent and she enjoyed it thoroughly, I couldn't recommend it more, a great movie for the kids!) To my surprise I saw my favorite political commentator, Nicholas J Fuentes, host of America First alone in the theatre, first row - mouth wet with VERY buttery popcorn (to the point its almost a liquid) I was too shy to approach him to say hello though, so I took my seat. Fast forwarding, about halfway through the movie (by this time the lights were dimmed) I was shocked to see him remove his cellular device from his pocket in the theatre and begin to play FortNite mobile edition. The light distracting everyone in the theatre. I had to go up to him and politely ask him (my rolemodel!) to please put his phone away so it wouldn't ruin the experience for the other moviegoers. Great movie, but not the most pleasant experience.

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@Nicholas J Fuentes react to the video you 2% Nigerian

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@Shid Cat Are you saying you would go and fight and be willing to die for Israel???

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Where is the cat boys channel?

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@Gogo mods can direct you to the gulag

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Pink goldfish?

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Open Borders is TREASON

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thot goldfish

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Yeah I’ll take my afternoon snack with a side of GAY

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I've been banned from this server 8 times <:chad:402359917819985931>

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@Deleted User Yeah, yeah yea, you are preaching to the fucking choir.

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Shut the fuck up

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goldfish are gay

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shit snack

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triscuits are kino

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I eat actual goldfish

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