Message from @Sinti

Discord ID: 750161274775666738

2020-08-31 09:29:59 UTC  

My hobbies <:ragChad:689862442695524359>
Your hobbies <:virgin:690282301745397790>

2020-08-31 18:06:24 UTC  

Jippi and Tobias is running

2020-08-31 23:02:25 UTC  

My hobbies are fitness music and Pokemon cards!!!!!!!!

2020-08-31 23:24:59 UTC  

nice man!!

2020-09-01 00:56:02 UTC  

My favorite pistol atm. My Sig Sauer Scorpion

2020-09-01 00:56:21 UTC  
2020-09-01 00:56:55 UTC  

Nice. When did you get it?

2020-09-01 00:57:24 UTC  

Twas a gift. But around January

2020-09-01 00:57:41 UTC  

In my experience with it, I’ve found that hotter loads tend to work better with it.

2020-09-01 00:57:52 UTC  

She’s a lil’ picky on what she eats.

2020-09-01 01:00:28 UTC  

Obligatory AR-15 pic as well

2020-09-01 01:02:42 UTC  

Of course

2020-09-01 01:03:11 UTC  

You have anything?

2020-09-01 01:03:33 UTC  

No, sadly.

2020-09-01 01:04:41 UTC  

That’s unfortunate. Even a pistol would be great, but no man should be unarmed.

2020-09-01 01:05:56 UTC  

I have a commemorative knife, but that's about it

2020-09-01 01:07:43 UTC  

You live somewhere you can own one just fine?

2020-09-01 01:12:28 UTC  

Yeah. There's an Army Surplus about 15 minutes away so they probably sell firearms.

2020-09-01 01:13:05 UTC  

I’d start with a pistol. Easy as cake to operate, extremely reliable, and cheap to feed

2020-09-01 01:13:39 UTC  

i have one down off US-69 in riverside

2020-09-01 01:22:52 UTC  

Go under the 4th bridge after getting off exit 23B on I83, here you will meet a man, Famud, and he will give you the code

2020-09-01 01:35:42 UTC  

Go to 32.702353, -97.031433 And a man named ahmed will meet you there

2020-09-01 01:37:15 UTC  

I heard his name was actually Samil Al-Hiyeed

2020-09-01 01:37:56 UTC  

I can’t buy gun <:PepoCry:690282556087861268>

2020-09-01 02:23:48 UTC  

3D print one

2020-09-01 02:23:54 UTC  

Like in Watch Dogs

2020-09-01 13:59:50 UTC  


2020-09-01 18:17:19 UTC  

My hobbies include racism

2020-09-03 06:27:03 UTC  

I have taught Larry well...

2020-09-03 12:35:06 UTC  

Now that my move is complete, I can finish my painting.

I found it extremely tedious and messy using paint brushes so I decided to re-make the painting only this time using acrylic paint markers.

The markers enable me to make more finer details that would be very difficult to achieve with a brush.

Progress update:

2020-09-03 12:36:51 UTC  

you have much artistic talent

2020-09-03 12:38:22 UTC  

Ty, pal.
I cant wait to post it when it is completed.

I purchased some nice quality varnish which will protect the painting from the elements and also add a beautiful sheen layer.

2020-09-03 13:44:15 UTC  

Another update.

Im going to take a break.

2020-09-03 16:06:16 UTC  

Finished the NPCs

2020-09-03 16:07:14 UTC

2020-09-03 16:32:57 UTC  

The next update will be the finished painting plus the varnish layer.