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2020-09-04 21:11:53 UTC  

DAC is a Schiit Gungnir Multibit w/Gen 5 USB.

Pre-amp is a Denafrips Hestia active 60-step relay-switched attenuated class-a pre.

Amplifier is a Harman Kardon HK770, fully recapped (film caps where possible, higher voltage rating for better dielectric) and new channel open relays.

Headphones are HifiMan HE1000v1’s, Sennheiser HD600’s and some Koss memes (you wouldn’t guess how good Porta Pros can sound on a speaker amp <:wtflaughingemoji:701962590967824414>)

2020-09-04 21:12:00 UTC  

Anyways. That’s all she wrote.

2020-09-04 21:12:02 UTC  

@Dolph i like saltwater fishing

2020-09-04 22:41:21 UTC  

@SanguineSegue where do you go fishing?

2020-09-04 22:44:44 UTC  

Down in florida depending on which part or what season I’m usually looking for tarpon and snapper, or if another fish is particularly large I’ll take it. down in Miami whats most desirable is Mahi Mahi and mutton snapper

2020-09-05 00:01:42 UTC  

Gulf, usually bay

2020-09-05 00:02:20 UTC  

Also fish in the midatlatlantic (not as good as the gulf imo)

2020-09-05 00:02:47 UTC  

Red snapper are great when u go offshore, but when im bay I usually go for specks and reds @Dolph

2020-09-05 00:34:38 UTC  

Oh yea? I live on the eastside, I rarely fish in the gulf, I remember there being tarpon dock fishing, but offshore I definitely prefer

2020-09-05 00:34:54 UTC  

also waking up 5 am tomorrow to go offshore fishing

2020-09-05 02:16:14 UTC  

Cooked some delicious authentic mexican tacos.

I put the cheese between the meat and tortilla so it melts quicker and stays melted longer.

2020-09-05 03:20:01 UTC  


2020-09-05 16:07:16 UTC  

bonus track for my Existentialism EP, I'll probably put it in the deluxe edition

2020-09-05 18:19:29 UTC  

@TormentDubz did you make this? what is the sample?

2020-09-05 18:20:48 UTC  

@KRA it's made with FL Studio

2020-09-05 18:20:59 UTC  

has my friend's vocal slices in it

2020-09-05 18:21:55 UTC  

what are they saying

2020-09-05 18:21:59 UTC  

it is very good

2020-09-05 18:24:25 UTC  

it's just sliced up so it's nothing coherent

2020-09-05 18:24:39 UTC  

it's taken from his song called apology letter

2020-09-05 23:00:59 UTC

2020-09-05 23:01:46 UTC  

is that just the head

2020-09-05 23:03:33 UTC  


2020-09-06 18:16:49 UTC  

Obviously the best open carry pistol is a golden Desert Eagle

2020-09-07 00:58:07 UTC  

Sleeping is my favorite hobby

2020-09-07 02:01:38 UTC  

Painting this for my super trad catholic mum
Just the stencil design for now.

Going to paint later and maybe add more background detail.

On a single sheet of primed canvas paper.

2020-09-07 02:02:04 UTC

2020-09-07 02:03:08 UTC  

I may cut a little bit off the bottom.

2020-09-07 17:10:22 UTC

2020-09-07 17:10:45 UTC  

I wish we were catching salmon, but bottom fish are entertaining at least

2020-09-08 01:08:02 UTC  

Salmon is super expensive.

2020-09-08 03:13:19 UTC  

it is. it's a quality fish though.

2020-09-09 21:20:28 UTC  

Magnets, just magnets

2020-09-10 01:23:11 UTC  

@Texas T Have you seen this?

2020-09-10 01:58:09 UTC  

drum magazines were the most likely to jam in my nerf gun experience as a weein

2020-09-10 04:06:04 UTC  

@Hezbollah is he not a liberal?