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2020-09-10 19:09:10 UTC  

how is that a strawman

2020-09-10 19:10:17 UTC  

> How is a cross against protestantism
@Nyan ⚜ the use of it and the use in conjunction with the cruzaders imagery. Yes it is against protestantism's ideas.

2020-09-10 19:10:18 UTC  

Yeah, how is that a straw man?

2020-09-10 19:10:41 UTC  

The cross represents Christianity.

2020-09-10 19:10:44 UTC  

ok so the cross alone is not against protestantism

2020-09-10 19:10:54 UTC  


2020-09-10 19:11:01 UTC  

Do you know the difference between a Catholic cross and a Protestant one?

2020-09-10 19:12:44 UTC  

@Ęł Sįnãrqūistâ. Most prots won't have christ (crucifix). You are missing the point i just made to fish. You are also trying to move forward without even addressing what we talked about. Not bueno

2020-09-10 19:12:52 UTC  

No money for BG and MC then

2020-09-10 19:13:12 UTC  

You are a dumb fish larper @Nyan ⚜

2020-09-10 19:13:17 UTC  


2020-09-10 19:13:18 UTC  

Jippi and Tobias was writing

2020-09-10 19:13:26 UTC  

He's good fish larper

2020-09-10 19:13:54 UTC  

I like reasonable ppl.

2020-09-10 19:14:07 UTC  

> @Ęł Sįnãrqūistâ yes I do. Also, what's more plausible, that those who created a group using cruzaders imagery and making the cross their main symbol were catholics than they were protestants.
@John Rebuttal Do you understand that Catholics were persecuted by the KKK?

2020-09-10 19:14:59 UTC  

How does a Catholic group persecuting Catholics make any sense?

2020-09-10 19:15:00 UTC  

Keep googling. U might find a good counter argument

2020-09-10 19:15:13 UTC  

Counter argument for what?

2020-09-10 19:15:31 UTC  

Once again, do you understand that Catholics were persecuted by the KKK?

2020-09-10 19:20:37 UTC  

no more brother wars

2020-09-10 19:21:15 UTC  

btw do you want to be on my server with the other guys from Fug @Ęł Sįnãrqūistâ

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Send inv

2020-09-10 19:47:49 UTC  

@John Rebuttal the KKK is a protestant group

2020-09-10 19:48:09 UTC  

at least the original KKK only allowed protestants and discriminated against catholics

2020-09-10 19:48:26 UTC  

they even funded some revolutionaries in mexico that were trying to expunge the Catholic church from there

2020-09-10 21:26:46 UTC  

i love reviewbruh

2020-09-10 21:26:50 UTC  

proud of this fellow american