Message from Nicholas - MA in Anticom #general

2017-07-06 07:10:06 UTC  

>Blockbuster popcorn

2017-07-06 07:10:08 UTC  

I think we threw the game out a long time ago.

2017-07-06 07:11:27 UTC  

@Nicholas - MA Yhea, screeching in the streets, that will stop criminals.

2017-07-06 07:11:37 UTC  

Make sure to blame whitey too.

2017-07-06 07:12:30 UTC  

Oh god they are so disorginized in their chanting and druming.

2017-07-06 07:12:43 UTC  

Its funny af though

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2017-07-06 07:14:06 UTC  

>tfw you don't jam to this shit

2017-07-06 07:14:43 UTC  

@Rez at Dorsia The only music I jam to is the space jam theme.

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2017-07-06 07:15:42 UTC  

Alright goys, it's my bedtime. I'll talk to you goyim tomorrow/later on today.<:moonman:279092750861991936> 🔪 🐒

2017-07-06 07:17:21 UTC  

@Rez at Dorsia BRO, I was going to mention the Blockbuster popcorn, but I thought no one else would remember it. It came in that Blockbuster bucket. My childhood.

2017-07-06 07:21:58 UTC  

HAHAHA, this guy thinks Democrats are Fascist

2017-07-06 07:26:21 UTC  

This dude is a clown lmao

2017-07-06 07:26:56 UTC  

As are all cucks who call antifa "fascist"

2017-07-06 07:28:33 UTC  

pretty pathetic

2017-07-06 07:47:00 UTC  

@Nicholas - MA Take THAT left side!

2017-07-06 07:54:45 UTC  

I held down an Antifa in Sacramento and broke all of his fingers while his friends hit me with poles. It was like fighting children.

Have you ever broken a human finger? I'll be honest I mostly did it because I was curious as to how difficult it was, but once I was doing it it was like popping bubble-wrap. I couldn't stop. I still remember the way he kicked his legs beneath me as I snapped his digits one at a time. I couldn't figure out which way to twist the thumbs to break them, so I let him keep those.

It's important for you to understand this though: Good Little Leftists exist on our sufferance alone. No number of you, not one, not ten, not ten thousand could defeat one of me. I shot children better than you in Afghanistan and I broke one of you like a butterfly on a wheel in front of a crowd of his criminal friends, and there was nothing any of them could do to stop me. Nothing. I cannot wait to do it again.

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2017-07-06 07:55:44 UTC  

Yeah and my dad is alive

2017-07-06 08:01:22 UTC  

@fallen angel ....This is either fake, or you are the real life equivalent of a super mutant from fallout.

2017-07-06 08:02:08 UTC  

Though I do admit, if this is real, we could use more of you.

2017-07-06 08:02:41 UTC  

Though I worry that you could risk killing other people.

2017-07-06 08:02:55 UTC  

it's a pasta you dumb niggers

2017-07-06 08:03:07 UTC  

I could tell.

2017-07-06 08:03:34 UTC  

I have to wonder if the origin of that was fake or not.

2017-07-06 08:03:38 UTC  

Probably not.

2017-07-06 08:03:50 UTC  

nah that shit is fake as fuck

2017-07-06 08:05:20 UTC  

Meh, antifa are known for being tiny little weak punks.

2017-07-06 08:46:41 UTC  

It is fake

2017-07-06 08:46:50 UTC  

If not, that guy is seriously fucked up

2017-07-06 08:47:47 UTC  

not that fucked up