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2017-04-17 19:15:52 UTC  

@Voodoo we here fam

2017-04-17 19:16:13 UTC  

Less of want to know more of want to get y'alls opinion on this Belt Fed 9mm upper

2017-04-17 19:16:23 UTC  

Shitty but fun

2017-04-17 19:16:34 UTC  

Someone makes a 5.56 belt fed upper as well

2017-04-17 19:16:42 UTC  


2017-04-17 19:16:44 UTC  

Yeah I was thinking less practical but more fun

2017-04-17 19:17:02 UTC  

Looks kinda neat, never seen one before so I don't know if it's reliable or not.

2017-04-17 19:17:06 UTC

2017-04-17 19:17:07 UTC  

It's just a range toy so fuck it, as long as you have the money

2017-04-17 19:17:08 UTC  

All I have is pepper spray

2017-04-17 19:17:25 UTC  


Cali is no better let me tell you

2017-04-17 19:17:26 UTC  

If you want all the fun you also pay 30 grand for a registered DIAS and have an actual sweeper

2017-04-17 19:17:33 UTC  

I only got my ARs before the ban

2017-04-17 19:17:50 UTC  

Also found out the Vetterli rifle I'm getting, since it's original and they chambered it in 6.5 Carcano it's basically a wall hanger

2017-04-17 19:17:53 UTC  

Bring a fucking flare gun

2017-04-17 19:18:08 UTC  

Scare those antifa dickbags shitless

2017-04-17 19:18:26 UTC  

6.5 Grendel is redpilled but sadly not widely adopted

2017-04-17 19:18:28 UTC  


2017-04-17 19:18:38 UTC  

US Army may be adopting it

2017-04-17 19:18:42 UTC  

Honestly let's go full European nationalists and use flares at rallies

2017-04-17 19:18:47 UTC  

♫ who can say where the road goes ♫

2017-04-17 19:18:55 UTC  

A map

2017-04-17 19:18:57 UTC  

Paint the sky with red

2017-04-17 19:19:01 UTC  

A map can say where the road goes

2017-04-17 19:19:20 UTC  

@D3VNT the map raped dorah

2017-04-17 19:19:24 UTC  

This is Carcano, 6.5 in general is a really good round no matter what label, especially 6.5 Creedmore. It's a very flat shooter good for long range

2017-04-17 19:19:57 UTC  

u can get awn ak in 6.5

2017-04-17 19:20:05 UTC  

It'd be fucking awesome to take some beanbags or rubber bullets to antifa, but I don't see anyone getting away with that.

2017-04-17 19:20:13 UTC  

I'd get a 6.5 upper

2017-04-17 19:20:16 UTC  

but as with all meme rounds.. its not worth it unless the supply availability is good

2017-04-17 19:20:18 UTC  

Creedmoor is not an intermediate round

2017-04-17 19:20:22 UTC  

Alt Knight options

2017-04-17 19:20:27 UTC  

.308 is the best option

2017-04-17 19:20:31 UTC  


2017-04-17 19:20:41 UTC  

And only slightly better trajectory than 308

2017-04-17 19:20:41 UTC  

i want it to be 6.5, but its 308

2017-04-17 19:20:48 UTC  

Eh, you might if you make a Zip gun using a flare gun and a pipe of that exact barrel dimension to make a small cheap shotgun

2017-04-17 19:20:49 UTC

2017-04-17 19:20:54 UTC  

But an AR-10 and be a real American

2017-04-17 19:21:08 UTC  

i want an ar-10 this year