Message from RAF in Anticom #general

2017-06-26 05:47:40 UTC  

and that's funny>?

2017-06-26 05:47:46 UTC  

or that i'm actually being sus

2017-06-26 05:47:51 UTC  

Yes because it's suspicious and autistic

2017-06-26 05:48:02 UTC  

i mean damn near we're all autists here

2017-06-26 05:48:10 UTC  

but whatever have fun

2017-06-26 05:48:29 UTC  

So how do you feel about the free market shlomo?

2017-06-26 05:49:36 UTC  

fucking msm

2017-06-26 05:51:17 UTC  

Ah yes British government at it's finest

2017-06-26 05:51:39 UTC  

Good on the brits for marching against goat raping

2017-06-26 05:52:15 UTC  

@RabbiLeo The free market had its time and place. Im willing to move onto more virtous economies.

2017-06-26 05:52:46 UTC  

@RAF What do you think?

2017-06-26 05:52:52 UTC  

about what

2017-06-26 05:53:01 UTC  

Free market

2017-06-26 05:53:23 UTC  

@RAF answer us

2017-06-26 05:53:28 UTC  


2017-06-26 05:53:39 UTC  

the free market is the only way the people can truly run their own lives

2017-06-26 05:53:44 UTC  

@Manimalia I have a whole books worth of stuff to say to you but I'll leave that for a later date

2017-06-26 05:53:52 UTC  

it defends us from shitty governments

2017-06-26 05:53:58 UTC  


2017-06-26 05:54:20 UTC  

it's appalling to me that in the US our so-called "free" market is regulated so much

2017-06-26 05:54:30 UTC  

it totally violates our founding principles

2017-06-26 05:54:45 UTC  


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2017-06-26 05:55:11 UTC  

You're both communists it's official

2017-06-26 05:55:43 UTC  

@RAF What do you think about universal healthcare?

2017-06-26 05:56:10 UTC  

it's a nice idea but any implementation of it gives too much power to the government, again

2017-06-26 05:57:34 UTC  

Universal Healthcare works only if you have a proper infrastructure or don't need to travel far for your products, like a microstate. Compared to America, which opted to create state-based monopololies. These monopololies then force them to pay out the ass, because it's the government. Infinite money, boyyy.

2017-06-26 05:57:50 UTC  

@RabbiLeo I have not studied alternative economic theories, therefore I get to play ignorance.

2017-06-26 05:58:30 UTC  

@Manimalia ignorance is no excuse

2017-06-26 05:58:56 UTC  

Excuse me, what do you call a dictionary on drugs?

2017-06-26 05:59:13 UTC  

@Rez at Dorsia a mistake?

2017-06-26 05:59:20 UTC  

@RabbiLeo would you rather I pretend to know what I'm talking about?

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2017-06-26 05:59:38 UTC  

It's best to learn, and keep on learning.

2017-06-26 05:59:46 UTC  

@Verm this^

2017-06-26 06:02:06 UTC  

@Verm If health insurance is govt required, then cigarettes should be illegal. I don't want to put into a community fund which will be drained by degenerates.

2017-06-26 06:03:21 UTC  

Remind yourself that the existance of government health insurance gives power to the state. There's no reason they'd want to get rid of tobacco or other harmful substances, since that'd destroy the projected need for said healthcare.

2017-06-26 06:04:39 UTC  

The population must be kept tame and willing. Indoctrination is king, and the progressives know it all too well.

2017-06-26 06:05:07 UTC