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2018-06-09 17:05:16 UTC  

Nature doesn't have morals nature is survival of the fittest so fascists are literally animals

2018-06-09 17:05:49 UTC  

humans are literally animals, so good logic

2018-06-09 17:05:56 UTC  

also, nature has more laws

2018-06-09 17:06:08 UTC  

the laws of nature are easy to derive

2018-06-09 17:06:38 UTC  

What sets us apart from animalist tendencies is civility denying rights to any group is hardly cival

2018-06-09 17:06:44 UTC  

because violations result in punishments

2018-06-09 17:07:07 UTC  

you've redefined civility to match modern terms

2018-06-09 17:07:30 UTC  

besides your understanding of fascist beliefs is shallow

2018-06-09 17:07:34 UTC  

Civility is redifined with each generation as language is

2018-06-09 17:07:47 UTC  

that is the embodiment of moral relativism

2018-06-09 17:08:10 UTC  

Not really considering libertarian morals haven't changed in over 60 years

2018-06-09 17:08:17 UTC  

>what sets us apart is an idea that isn't concrete and changes frequently

2018-06-09 17:09:13 UTC  

That's correct what sets us apart is the literal abstract

2018-06-09 17:09:28 UTC  

thus, nothing sets us apart

2018-06-09 17:10:09 UTC  

Abstraction =/= nothing

2018-06-09 17:10:29 UTC  

It's the ability to understand concents that are intangible

2018-06-09 17:10:45 UTC  

animals are shown more and more to have abstract thought

2018-06-09 17:11:27 UTC  

humanity is not above nature

2018-06-09 17:11:43 UTC  

the subversion that tries to place humanity above it has led to much hardship

2018-06-09 17:11:48 UTC  

Yeah eventually they will evolve more intelligence my money is on the octopus becoming the next intelligent specise in the next 10k or so years

2018-06-09 17:12:58 UTC  

Hardship leads to success

2018-06-09 17:12:59 UTC  

the lines and distinctions you have made are quite impermeable

2018-06-09 17:13:13 UTC  

I did not say struggles, I said hardships

2018-06-09 17:13:27 UTC  

struggle is the essence of life and success, not suffering

2018-06-09 17:13:51 UTC  

Yes and some hardships are necessary

2018-06-09 17:20:57 UTC  

Christians are pussies these days but I think so is almost everyone in America

2018-06-09 17:21:04 UTC  

Developed world has made us all soft

2018-06-09 17:21:20 UTC  

All the Christian heroes were the biggest badasses though

2018-06-09 17:27:16 UTC  

And yes Jewish history is hardship after hardship and has made their culture ultra resilient

2018-06-09 17:29:30 UTC  

Christian history is too, but the thing with Christianity is it’s not a culture in the same way as an ethnic culture is.

2018-06-09 23:54:06 UTC  

@everyone 🔖 __**Daily Question**__

- What is the ideal education system?

2018-06-09 23:54:55 UTC  

a public education system that actually has good funding and management

2018-06-09 23:55:04 UTC  

finland can be a model in some ways

2018-06-09 23:55:17 UTC  

An education system which trains people for jobs which are in demand

2018-06-09 23:55:22 UTC  

A library, with lectures and tutors available if you want to go deeper.
All the information available. No indoctrination.

2018-06-09 23:55:36 UTC  


2018-06-09 23:55:57 UTC  

I agree with 21

2018-06-09 23:56:25 UTC  

Finland should definitely be a model for a new education system

2018-06-09 23:57:13 UTC  

finland has different(read: less) demographics than the us so obviously the model would have to be altered significantly but yeah

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2018-06-10 00:12:15 UTC  

Let the free market handle thay