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yes of course

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I don't think anyone can deny this

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But it's not the end all

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While it should be a goal of a nation to improve itself, it shouldn't be at all costs.

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i would say no, a nation should try to improve itself in a multitude of ways, but possibly least of these the economy. It should try to improve its culture. By this i mean it should build upon itself in the arts, the culinary arts, architecture, music, drama, etc. It should try to improve the connections within itself, cultural linkages if you will. By this I mean it should foster participation in the Church and community at large. Increasing participation to strengthen local, regional and national identity. This brings purpose to individuals within the nation.

While growing the economy certainly offers benefits, all too often it is hoisted far above the societal goals listed above, and if effort is not made then the economic goals will supercede these goals completely. In the long run the society will run out of creative energy and the individuals will become increasingly isolated, leading to a multitude of problems and the eventual collapse of economy, for the society is no longer dynamic.

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Also take into consideration the means.

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what the fuck did I just read

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@IV LI V S <:brainlet:487682295889920016>

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I guess so

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but do you not know that economic growth is *the* driving force behind cultural advances

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Merkel said that the influx of immigrants would bring economic growth.

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its not, though

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better things are made possible by bigger wealth

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if it was, america would have a vibrant and growing culture, instead of a regressive and deteriorating one

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this has always been the way

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no that's a retarded reduction

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not at all

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I never said that big economy = good culture

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if your claim holds, it should hold every time

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I think you need to have expanded material possibilities for sure,
@IV LI V S has a good point

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I said that a big economy enables good culture

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"but do you not know that economic growth is the driving force behind cultural advances"

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It dosent bring it.

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learn how to read idiot

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Only the people can do that.

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without wealth we have stone age stuff lol

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Caveman Culture

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economy has always pulled technology and social advances behind it

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it is a phenomenon of only ultra wealthy civilizations to slip into decadence

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@Doctor Anon National pride comes before the economy

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recall two things. 1. the question was whether a nation should aim to improve its economy _no matter what_. 2. recall that i never said a nation shouldnt seek to improve its economy. Rather, it should be one of many social goals, usually below cultural enrichment. For a rich cultural environment enhances the economy in a neat feedback loop, generating new markets as well as inspiring new developments. When profit is chased without regard to cultural enrichment, we get essentially the socio-cultural environment we see today in america

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95% of the time

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economic growth is nothing but a net positive

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you're creating a disagreement where you don't need to @Jay1532

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hows that. i am answering the question posed

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just say "yeah, economic power is necessary in conjunction with cultural goals"

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thats not what im trying to say, though

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instead of talking like a 105 iq pseudo-intellectual