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2019-01-04 16:30:03 UTC  

so that's also farming, mining, extraction

2019-01-04 16:30:36 UTC  

there's rural community issues and also land-use conflicts with the government which drive them to that in some ways

2019-01-04 18:11:04 UTC  

fulltime shitposter

2019-01-04 18:29:42 UTC  

Tbh stem was being taken over by leftists

2019-01-04 18:29:55 UTC  

But I think it typically leans apolitical.

2019-01-04 18:39:25 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:39:28 UTC  

so what you're saying

2019-01-04 18:39:40 UTC  

is that people with higher education, or those with more knowledge of the world

2019-01-04 18:39:43 UTC  

tend to be left-leaning

2019-01-04 18:40:04 UTC  

while those who rely excessively on brute force and brawn over their mind

2019-01-04 18:40:07 UTC  

tend to be right leaning

2019-01-04 18:40:19 UTC  

I getcha, @Porpoise

2019-01-04 18:41:02 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:41:42 UTC  

@Alice Redacted being higher up in the military takes mastery of mind lol

2019-01-04 18:43:13 UTC  

@Alice Redacted Or perhaps teachers don’t get payed much and naturally lean left

2019-01-04 18:43:22 UTC  

Eh, true - Listening to propaganda and pulling a trigger while looking at things is so incredibly intellectually demanding

2019-01-04 18:43:38 UTC  

I mean, some get paid well

2019-01-04 18:43:40 UTC  

You’re a retard

2019-01-04 18:43:41 UTC  

some military jobs require really high IQ

2019-01-04 18:43:44 UTC  

I've looked at salary listings

2019-01-04 18:43:56 UTC  

being a sniper in a tense situation does require a lot of brain speed

2019-01-04 18:44:00 UTC  

I mean, if you're like an engineer or something

2019-01-04 18:44:06 UTC  

Quick reflexes isn't intelligence ngl

2019-01-04 18:44:13 UTC  

it's not about reflexes

2019-01-04 18:44:18 UTC  

it's about quick thinking

2019-01-04 18:44:21 UTC  

kinda is though

2019-01-04 18:44:22 UTC  

calculation involved

2019-01-04 18:44:22 UTC  

You just described “higher up[s] in the military” as requiring only the ability to listen to propaganda and pull a trigger

2019-01-04 18:44:30 UTC  

Thinking about spilling some civilian's guts

2019-01-04 18:44:47 UTC  

do you hate all military or only the good guys?

2019-01-04 18:44:52 UTC  

Eh, at that rank I guess you're commissioning propaganda and ordering teenagers to their death

2019-01-04 18:45:07 UTC  

You're implying there's good guys in the military

2019-01-04 18:45:20 UTC  

are all militaries bad?

2019-01-04 18:45:27 UTC  

Especially America's

2019-01-04 18:45:40 UTC  

you hate all of em and especially the good guys

2019-01-04 18:45:53 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:45:54 UTC  

>Good guys

2019-01-04 18:45:58 UTC  

You, uh

2019-01-04 18:45:59 UTC  

that's right

2019-01-04 18:45:59 UTC  

do realize

2019-01-04 18:46:08 UTC  

US troops killed 600,000+ Iraqi civlians