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2019-01-04 18:47:41 UTC  

use it against civilians

2019-01-04 18:47:52 UTC  

that's a seperate argument

2019-01-04 18:48:13 UTC  

like that, or

2019-01-04 18:48:31 UTC  

do you think that we should get rid our military?

2019-01-04 18:48:45 UTC  

Slash funding severely I say

2019-01-04 18:48:50 UTC  

cut all aid to Israel

2019-01-04 18:49:08 UTC  

keep some troops stationed in Rojava, purely defensively, until local militas are able to take over the situation

2019-01-04 18:49:10 UTC  

then pull out

2019-01-04 18:49:31 UTC  

what was the conclusion of that?

2019-01-04 18:49:36 UTC  

did they conclude that it happened?

2019-01-04 18:49:41 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:49:46 UTC  

I mean, the corpses kinda speak

2019-01-04 18:49:49 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:49:51 UTC  

the court

2019-01-04 18:49:56 UTC  

what did it conclude

2019-01-04 18:50:12 UTC  

IIRC, in this incident, the guy said that "If what he did was a crime, then most soldiers would be prosecuted"
lemme find it

2019-01-04 18:50:40 UTC  

you're also

2019-01-04 18:50:49 UTC  

presuming the court is infallible

2019-01-04 18:51:02 UTC  

it's better to presume you're infallible

2019-01-04 18:51:04 UTC  

and not, y'know, biased in favor of the soldiers with guns fighting for lobbied oil interests

2019-01-04 18:51:19 UTC  

So you're saying that if a nation doesn't recognize its own war crimes

2019-01-04 18:51:23 UTC  

everything is ok?

2019-01-04 18:51:29 UTC  

you should be used at the objective beacon then

2019-01-04 18:51:53 UTC  

I'm telling you that you don't have proof that it happened

2019-01-04 18:51:56 UTC  

and even if it did

2019-01-04 18:51:59 UTC  

it's a rogue action

2019-01-04 18:52:05 UTC  

not one the military ordered

2019-01-04 18:52:07 UTC  

or approved of

2019-01-04 18:52:25 UTC  

iraq was a clusterfuck

2019-01-04 18:52:28 UTC  

"Investigators examining the buildings where the killings took place found there was no evidence of a firefight.

Instead they are understood to have concluded that the killings were "methodical in nature" and occurred as the unit conducted a sweep through a town lasting three to five hours.

Among the dead were five men standing near a taxi at a checkpoint and killings inside at least two homes that included women and children, unnamed officials were quoted as saying."

2019-01-04 18:52:38 UTC  

because entire villages were violent toward the US soldiers

2019-01-04 18:52:44 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:52:52 UTC  

So shooting unarmed civilians who didn't resist

2019-01-04 18:52:54 UTC  

or put up a fight

2019-01-04 18:52:55 UTC  

is ok

2019-01-04 18:53:00 UTC  

'cuz maybe they didn't like the men with guns

2019-01-04 18:53:00 UTC  

that didn't happen

2019-01-04 18:53:04 UTC  

sweeping through their town

2019-01-04 18:53:13 UTC  


2019-01-04 18:53:21 UTC  

eh, I'll just not waste my time