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2019-01-05 13:54:25 UTC  

We need socialism

2019-01-05 13:54:38 UTC  

You don't need more than 50k to survive and to be happy

2019-01-05 13:54:52 UTC  

Hate rich

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2019-01-05 14:27:43 UTC  

We need capitalism
You need the freedom to improve your life and others through new and better business
Don't hate rich

2019-01-05 14:33:46 UTC  

We need anarchism.

2019-01-05 14:34:05 UTC  

Get whatever you want via violence, get rich, and then migrant to a civilized country.

2019-01-05 14:34:10 UTC  

102% best solution.

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2019-01-05 16:15:00 UTC  

(When you can't get a joke)

2019-01-05 16:24:07 UTC  

((When you can't get a joke))

2019-01-05 16:45:36 UTC  

(((When you can't get a joke)))

2019-01-05 16:52:25 UTC

2019-01-05 16:53:25 UTC  

(When you can't get a joke)

2019-01-05 16:54:06 UTC

2019-01-05 16:56:57 UTC  

(When you can't get a joke)

2019-01-05 16:59:40 UTC

2019-01-05 17:10:45 UTC  

(When you can't get a joke)

2019-01-05 17:12:24 UTC

2019-01-05 22:59:36 UTC  

People only hate rich people due to envy

2019-01-05 23:00:01 UTC  


2019-01-05 23:08:19 UTC  

nah, I hate 'em 'cuz of their excess while others live in poverty

2019-01-05 23:08:40 UTC  

I'd be happy with a nice, small homestead out in the middle of nowhere, I don't even want that much wealth

2019-01-05 23:08:42 UTC  

or power

2019-01-05 23:19:35 UTC  

Why would you hate them for living lavishly?
If you work your butt off every day and earn enough money for your family and yourself to live a good life why should bums who contribute nothing live a good life off of your money?
Rich people sometimes are scummy and genuinely bad people but you shouldn't hate all rich people because they enjoy the money which they worked for.

2019-01-05 23:24:36 UTC  

Who hates rich people?

2019-01-05 23:24:47 UTC  

Imma shove a few dollars into their ass.

2019-01-05 23:32:30 UTC  

@Alice Redacted My grandfather was coming from an average family, worked so hard, and managed to become a billionaire, being a NASA security member. My grandmother coming from a richer family, survived because of her heritage. My mother is a cardiologist, currently rich, who archieved to become rich through hard work, and insistence. My father also survives because of his heritage. As you can see, my mother and my grandfather were clever people, who grabbbed the opportunity into their own hands, before it just fades away. They were average, and normal people.

The fact that there are people that live in poverty, doesn't mean that those who had an opportunity, must leave it, and love in poverty too, or be average. That wouldn't even help the nation's economy, nor even its reputation around the globe.

I don't know in which communist/socialist world you are currently living in, but you'd better get here, in our world, with the rest of the people, instead of dreaming a Socialist Utopia.

2019-01-05 23:32:52 UTC  

From an average man, my grandfather became a billionaire.

2019-01-05 23:33:10 UTC  

Just because he grabbed the opportunity which was given to him.

2019-01-05 23:34:14 UTC  

The fact that there are many uncivilised swines out there, who never wanted to work, who had an opportunity and left it because they were cowards, will not prevent anybody, and I mean *anybody* from creating their own careers.

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2019-01-05 23:34:41 UTC  

Your name also reminds me of Anarchism, which is worrying me about your mental state.

2019-01-05 23:43:06 UTC  

@Koninos >(((worked hard)))

2019-01-05 23:43:16 UTC  

more like extorted hard

2019-01-05 23:44:08 UTC  

Unless you're not a Jew

2019-01-05 23:44:16 UTC  

in that case, good for you

2019-01-05 23:44:25 UTC  

Eh, true

2019-01-05 23:44:28 UTC  

Materialism is immoral.

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2019-01-05 23:44:41 UTC  

how rich are they, @Koninos ?