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just took the knife and bipped him 20 some times

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the local populace nearly burned them alive in the store

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Also serious question here

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well we aren’t in <#452955229227319306> for nothing!

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In debates we often here of the burden of proof, however I find that this along with the use of claiming logical fallacies is a method by which to shirk an equally important part of the debate, the burden of rebuttal. BEcause when one position is asserted, or argued with logic and is consistent and presents some logical basis by which it can be eveluated it has some value, however when one denies this with whatever fallacy they find helpful in the moment, and then deamands sources or shirks the burden of rebuttal.

The logic is this

P1 "Makes claim X, uses supporting logic based on basic knolwedge or simply logic" (Argument has value)

P2: "I dont believe your claim, also thats a logical fallacy Y, provide sources or you are wrong"

P1: "I gave a logical example, I will explain why this is not a fallacy or expand my position, cna you disprove my position."

P2: "Burden of proof is on you bucko, thats a fallacy that I have any burden." (P2's statement, even if it is negative of the position of P1, has less value as it is not argued for, nor does it have evidence presented.

There is also I see an issue of people throwing out demands for citations and evidence when a theory is based or an argument is based off of the conclusion of knowledge that the person has prior to the discussion. And then presents this in their argument.

It all seems like very disingenious argumentation and I feel like we should acknowledge that there is a burden of rebuttal because if P1 is simply an assertion, and P2 that they dont believe that assertion and dismiss it, or say its stupid and wrong without any argument to the contrary, then both statements have equal value.

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Sorry for the long post but its just been getting to me when debating leftists that they constantly use hitchens razor, which in itself is written incorectly because it essentially falsifies itself. or rather removes its own value. Then there is this extreme appeal to authority and basing and throwing their own opinion and thoughts in line of the authority. Its absurd and obnoxious as all fuck

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Most of them just start shouting fallacy as soon as you put any argument forward anyway, tbh

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The progressives and especially the communists view you as a fucking threat to society which should be shamed, unemployed and homeless just for having an opinion thats not mainstream and right wing.

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They don't like debating. Not because they think they will lose but because they don't think normalization of right wing views should fall on them

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Also I saw this argumentation style used in a video with JFG, frame games and liberal sanity project. He didnt use fallacies however he simply ran around squaking about citations and authority and not being able to question it. It seems like wo models, the above would be the leftist atheist model, and the second i just described the typical progressive.

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It doesn't matter if you're an Neo-Reactionary, It doesn't matter if you're a paleocon, it doesn't matter matter if you work for ICE, it doesn't matter if you're simply against communism, in their eyes, you should be killed.

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Anything left of them is a NaHzeE

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@FearAndTrembling tbh, I think this graph explains why leftists don't like civil discourse

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The percentages are for support of all speech

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Doesn't surprise me

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I dont know what im looking at in this graph is it racial IQ?

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makes sense now

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stll the style of argumentation is my main issue

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its IMO not legitimate in the slightest and makes you look good if you throw it in with a word salad and some accusations. However in the publics conscious burden of rebuttal and value of arguments has been brutally warped

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(the style i mentioned in tha tmassive post not the IQ thing)

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I mean this is an issue for us simply ecause you can run around with facts however you need more advanced theories derived from thoe facts in order to form an ideology and convince people to it. If the burden is only on the person asserting a position then there is literally no way to win. Because if ther eis no direct evidence you are fucked. (you also cant even argue then morality and ethics)

2018-09-10 17:50:15 UTC

Also this is present in research papers, the obfuscatio and simply denial is brutal. "We have this data but if we do this complex vodoo shit its all poverty n shit. However the data confirms that diversity lowers social trust, but just in the short term.... even though ethnicities self segregate but ignore that".

Aight im done, gonna go study

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I've come to the conclusion that college is dying. As the average IQ of american youth gets lower due to ethnic minorities(and maybe some chemicals in products that youth use), the barrier of entry to college will inevitably get smaller. College will then become nearly worthless, as the curriculum gets dumbed down and millions of youth end up worse off than if they had simply spent those four years looking for employment

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Never underestimate the mental gymnastics some academics are capable of

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I mean isnt it already brutally low

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maybe getting in might be a challange but most courses are becoming idiot proof, retarded half brain jimmy could pass.

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What fucking sucks for me is that I have an IQ in the 140s but I have to do like 5x the work that a minority with an IQ of 90 does just to get into the same college. I see extremely bright people at my school going to universities very few people know about just because my school is nearly 90% white

2018-09-10 17:55:10 UTC  

@Bogatyr Bogumir Its going to affect STEM too. Once they start trying to diversify STEM, college will become useless

2018-09-10 17:56:12 UTC  

If that happens, I might as well go to college later and learn the shit myself, while also learning a trade.

2018-09-10 17:57:16 UTC  

I fucked up my SAT got some 1450, meanwhile now im a med student in what is unfortunately the hardest med school in Poland. The people that pass usually use old questions etc. and or cheat, something the indians at our school ar notorious for.

2018-09-10 17:57:47 UTC  

tbh, I think Bernie is actually a genius for securing a democratic majority. If college is free, than everyone will be indoctrinated

2018-09-10 17:57:49 UTC  

However those participating in science circles, or student orgs, are bright but the more we diversify english division the simpler everything is becoming.

2018-09-10 17:58:18 UTC  

(and for being the hardest med uni, we arent even the best, how the fuck that works i dont know)

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true that

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Bernie can be a legitimate threat IMO depending on how the future pans out

2018-09-10 17:59:02 UTC  

further radicalization or making of right wing views distasteful might give him just enough to win, if he runs again