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2018-06-01 21:17:03 UTC  

@everyone ONE vote per month can be called by party members to impeach the party leader. Right now, you need 5 "signatures" (DM's to me) of party members to get that to move forward, later it will be like a percentage. The impeachment vote must have 70% support (of the total voting amount) in order to pass. 3 days since an election for party leader must pass before there can be an impeachment vote. at some point I will probably put some sort of locked party status on parties to like their format, so like fascists and communists would be authoritarian so this couldn't happen while parties that support more liberty in nature would be required to allow this to happen if the requirements were meant. For now though, applies to all party's. I am doing this mainly because one, I had intended to add impeachments (there will be impeachment possibilities for presidents as well probably) and second, parties are still rapidly growing and many parties had their votes with like 10 total party members so the party's populous opinion can change alot with many joins.

2018-06-01 21:17:17 UTC  

@everyone We are going to implement Party Types. Party Types are assigned to certain parties that are centered around a certain level of liberty or authority. It will be done as a test, so doesn't make it final. We are doing this so parties can be more tailored to their actual ideology in their function. So now the fascists don't have to function as a democracy and the anarchists don't have to get stuck with an authoritarian party leader. Eventually when new parties are added they can set their own type, but for now, since all these parties were pre-made, I am going to set these myself.
Fascist - Authority
Communist - Authority
Socialist - Central
Conservative - Central
Liberal - Central
Centrist - Central
Libertarian - Liberty
Anarchist - Liberty

**Authority** - Parties with this type give full power to the elected party leader. The elections must still take place every month but the party leader can decide who gets to stay in the party and who doesn't. They can decide what to put as the official party's stance on scenarios and other issues. Only they can issue polls to be made and coalitions to be formed.

**Central** - Parties with this type can choose either liberty or authority every party leader election. Candidates that run will select the type of party format they want for their term among other issues and if the party members vote for them, their campaigned party type will be chosen and for that month, that is how the party will be ran.

**Liberty** - Parties with this type choose their party leader as more of a party representative. Populous consensus runs the party and the party leaders job is solely to convey the ideals and the positions of the party's members. Polls are ordered by request of several party members and coalitions are formed by populous consensus.