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2018-05-24 18:45:37 UTC  

And this solidified it

2018-05-24 18:45:44 UTC  

We’re not playing games

2018-05-24 18:46:05 UTC  

Kind of like what they did for the U.S. embassy

2018-05-24 18:46:31 UTC  

Tougher sanctions, more military drills, until we can get the rabbit drowned out of the hole

2018-05-24 18:46:59 UTC  

That's the only way you can deal with these types

2018-05-24 18:47:05 UTC  

Also, Morgan Freeman is next on the Metoo chopping block

2018-05-24 18:47:13 UTC  

Yeah I heard about that

2018-05-24 18:47:28 UTC  

Nice voice black man get’s dabbed on

2018-05-24 18:47:30 UTC  

So sad 😢😢😢 those poor celebrities

2018-05-24 18:47:50 UTC  

There’s going to be one dude who get’s falsely accused

2018-05-24 18:48:03 UTC  

And this whole thing is going to fall apart

2018-05-24 18:48:10 UTC  

that already happened

2018-05-24 18:48:15 UTC  

his name was Roy Moore

2018-05-24 18:48:19 UTC  


2018-05-24 18:48:30 UTC  

Them Women should be punished

2018-05-24 18:48:39 UTC  

Something should happen to Them

2018-05-24 18:48:47 UTC  

That was straight up some of the most well planned character assassinations I’ve seen

2018-05-24 18:48:52 UTC  

it's tough

2018-05-24 18:48:58 UTC  

The timing could not have been better

2018-05-24 18:49:11 UTC  

it was well planned but part of it is Moore's own fault

2018-05-24 18:49:21 UTC  

He didn't campaign nearly as well as he should've

2018-05-24 18:49:28 UTC  

He should have adopted the Pence strategy

2018-05-24 18:50:03 UTC  

Never touch any woman but his wife with more than a handshake so people can’t pull that shit on him.

2018-05-24 18:50:13 UTC  


2018-05-24 18:50:30 UTC  

remember when people called him paranoid because of that?

2018-05-24 18:50:34 UTC  

who's laughing now

2018-05-24 18:50:40 UTC  

Say what you want about Pence, but he isn’t stupid

2018-05-24 18:51:05 UTC  

He knows how to play the game of politics well enough

2018-05-24 18:51:30 UTC  

If them allegations never came out he would have won

2018-05-24 18:51:34 UTC  

Granted his whole electroshock therapy thing he should he maybe kept to himself

2018-05-24 18:51:35 UTC  

Pence is a good man

2018-05-24 18:51:40 UTC  


2018-05-24 18:51:45 UTC  


2018-05-24 18:51:48 UTC  

It's a badge of honor

2018-05-24 18:52:12 UTC  

I get that, but this is a new age now, and saying that stuff is character suicide

2018-05-24 18:52:24 UTC  

Did that hurt him?

2018-05-24 18:52:26 UTC  


2018-05-24 18:52:36 UTC  

That gets Religious turnout up tbh

2018-05-24 18:52:41 UTC  

That’s cause he was running for Vp

2018-05-24 18:52:52 UTC  

Catholics and Evangelicals like that

2018-05-24 18:53:07 UTC  

It gets the religious voters up, but the young voters against you.