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2018-05-24 22:03:22 UTC  

is US being too tough on terror? agree?

2018-05-24 22:03:56 UTC  

opinion on influence on banks?

2018-05-24 22:04:06 UTC  

do you or someone close to you work in a bank ?

2018-05-24 22:04:31 UTC  

agree or disagree with following statements

banks are respoinsible for knowing if their customers are funding terrorists

2018-05-24 22:04:46 UTC  

banks should immedately shut down accounts if they are found to be funding terrorists

2018-05-24 22:05:15 UTC  

if they are funding charities....but some might be associated with funding terrorists, should they be immmediately shut down

2018-05-24 22:06:13 UTC  

opinion on Muslims/Arabs/Palestians changed in the light of 9/11 in New York City ?

2018-05-24 22:06:32 UTC  

opinion on depictions of Muslims/Arabas/Palestinians in media

2018-05-24 22:06:41 UTC  

opinions on the French ?

2018-05-24 22:06:53 UTC  

how often have you travelled to France

2018-05-24 22:07:04 UTC  

opinion on the English?

2018-05-24 22:07:10 UTC  

how often have you traveled to England

2018-05-24 22:07:40 UTC  

If France went to war, how likely would the USA join them

2018-05-24 22:07:48 UTC  

how likely would England join the US in war

2018-05-24 22:08:40 UTC  

do you think Europe should join the US's policies

2018-05-24 22:09:00 UTC  

Impressions on Southern accents?

2018-05-24 22:09:12 UTC  

these are dope questions

2018-05-24 22:09:14 UTC  


2018-05-24 22:09:18 UTC  


2018-05-24 22:09:28 UTC  

aggressive? unagressive?

2018-05-24 22:09:39 UTC  

easygoing?begotted (can't remember what she said exactly)

2018-05-24 22:10:19 UTC  

sympathize with the Israelis of Palestinians more?

2018-05-24 22:10:37 UTC  

USA policies favorable Israel too much or favor Palestinians too much?

2018-05-24 22:11:00 UTC  

US policies should support Israel, Palestine, or Neither

2018-05-24 22:11:12 UTC  

Ever been to Israel?

2018-05-24 22:11:22 UTC  

have a desire to visit Israel?

2018-05-24 22:11:42 UTC  

ever been to Europe?

2018-05-24 22:11:55 UTC  

registered Republican, Democrat, or Independent

2018-05-24 22:12:04 UTC  

labor or service union?

2018-05-24 22:12:06 UTC  

any children?

2018-05-24 22:12:49 UTC  

high school? undergrad degree? graduate degree?

2018-05-24 22:12:55 UTC  

single? married? divorced? separated? widowed?

2018-05-24 22:13:04 UTC  

total household income before taxes?

2018-05-24 22:13:31 UTC  

less than 25k? less than 50k? less than 75k?less than 100k? less than 125k? etc

2018-05-24 22:13:43 UTC  

you or anyone in family in law enforcement or military?

2018-05-24 22:13:51 UTC  

main race or ethnic origin I identify with?

2018-05-24 22:14:00 UTC  

religious affiliation?

2018-05-24 22:14:23 UTC  

employed outside the home? homemaker? unemployed?

2018-05-24 22:14:30 UTC  

alright, so that's all the questions, call just ended

2018-05-24 22:14:39 UTC  

the person on the other end sounded Hispanic

2018-05-24 22:15:19 UTC  

and her voice tonality changed a bit when I said I had a somewhat unfavorable view on Obama and the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and it changed pretty clearly when she asked about Trump (I decided to go with Very Favorable lol)