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2018-05-24 21:58:40 UTC  

can the US Government justfiy restrictiving civil liberties for terrorism

2018-05-24 21:59:09 UTC  

acceptable or unacceptable to monitor private communications of US citizens

2018-05-24 22:00:10 UTC  

aware of a group in Palestine called Hamas ?

2018-05-24 22:01:06 UTC  

favorable? unfavorable?

2018-05-24 22:02:06 UTC  

would you consider HAMAS: terrorists, charity workers, freedom fighters, etc

2018-05-24 22:02:57 UTC  

would you consider that any organization that the US considers a terrorist organization...IS a terrorist organization

2018-05-24 22:03:09 UTC  

opinion on banks?

2018-05-24 22:03:22 UTC  

is US being too tough on terror? agree?

2018-05-24 22:03:56 UTC  

opinion on influence on banks?

2018-05-24 22:04:06 UTC  

do you or someone close to you work in a bank ?

2018-05-24 22:04:31 UTC  

agree or disagree with following statements

banks are respoinsible for knowing if their customers are funding terrorists

2018-05-24 22:04:46 UTC  

banks should immedately shut down accounts if they are found to be funding terrorists

2018-05-24 22:05:15 UTC  

if they are funding charities....but some might be associated with funding terrorists, should they be immmediately shut down

2018-05-24 22:06:13 UTC  

opinion on Muslims/Arabs/Palestians changed in the light of 9/11 in New York City ?

2018-05-24 22:06:32 UTC  

opinion on depictions of Muslims/Arabas/Palestinians in media

2018-05-24 22:06:41 UTC  

opinions on the French ?

2018-05-24 22:06:53 UTC  

how often have you travelled to France

2018-05-24 22:07:04 UTC  

opinion on the English?

2018-05-24 22:07:10 UTC  

how often have you traveled to England

2018-05-24 22:07:40 UTC  

If France went to war, how likely would the USA join them

2018-05-24 22:07:48 UTC  

how likely would England join the US in war

2018-05-24 22:08:40 UTC  

do you think Europe should join the US's policies

2018-05-24 22:09:00 UTC  

Impressions on Southern accents?

2018-05-24 22:09:12 UTC  

these are dope questions

2018-05-24 22:09:14 UTC  


2018-05-24 22:09:18 UTC  


2018-05-24 22:09:28 UTC  

aggressive? unagressive?

2018-05-24 22:09:39 UTC  

easygoing?begotted (can't remember what she said exactly)

2018-05-24 22:10:19 UTC  

sympathize with the Israelis of Palestinians more?

2018-05-24 22:10:37 UTC  

USA policies favorable Israel too much or favor Palestinians too much?

2018-05-24 22:11:00 UTC  

US policies should support Israel, Palestine, or Neither

2018-05-24 22:11:12 UTC  

Ever been to Israel?

2018-05-24 22:11:22 UTC  

have a desire to visit Israel?

2018-05-24 22:11:42 UTC  

ever been to Europe?

2018-05-24 22:11:55 UTC  

registered Republican, Democrat, or Independent

2018-05-24 22:12:04 UTC  

labor or service union?

2018-05-24 22:12:06 UTC  

any children?

2018-05-24 22:12:49 UTC  

high school? undergrad degree? graduate degree?

2018-05-24 22:12:55 UTC  

single? married? divorced? separated? widowed?

2018-05-24 22:13:04 UTC  

total household income before taxes?

2018-05-24 22:13:31 UTC  

less than 25k? less than 50k? less than 75k?less than 100k? less than 125k? etc