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6. He who builds His layers in the sky, And has founded His strata in the earth; Who calls for the waters of the sea, And pours them out on the face of the earthβ€” The LORD is His name.

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If one wants to get in depth, these guys do an amazing job.

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This video is awesome. πŸ‘

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This is the real story behind the pizzagate conspiracy. A hacker found child porn photos on a restricted page on Comet Ping Pongs website. The hacker informed police but no arrests were made. They stated they couldn’t do anything because the information was obtained illegally. Conveniently, a shooter at Comet Ping Pong managed to lodge a β€œSINGLE BULLET” into the hard drive of that computer.

This video contains an in depth interview with that hacker.

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Don't be in denial. Watch what the NIST has to say.

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''We built in enough redundancy to allow entire portions of floors to be removed without affecting the building's structural integrity, on the assumption that someone might need double-height floors,'' said Larry Silverstein, president of the company. ''Sure enough, Salomon had that need.

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WTC 7 fell at freefall for some period of time. NIST even admits it.

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What most don't know is that WTC 7 had 2 of the largest steel beams ever fabricated installed over the Con Edison Substation that was in the building.

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This is a great website for tracking the Q posts. Extremely well done. It also tracks Trump tweets, important resignations, and arrests for human trafficking.

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One of the best analysis of the Las Vegas Massacre. This video includes the post on 4chan that predicted the event 3 weeks earlier. Compelling.

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An acoustic analysis by one of the best and most informative YouTubers, the Health Ranger. His channel of 1700 videos has been completely deleted.

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It’s interesting indeed that the string of suspicious deaths of holistic doctors begins with Dr. Bradstreet, one of the first to suggest that autism was being caused by vaccines.

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This is an interesting website about conspiracies. It also includes the Clinton Body Count.

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