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We're created and designed to live this life and existence on the ground. We are not created to be floating. Up is up and down is down. I could give you a answer such as density, buoyancy volume or friction between atoms, electromagnetism, electricity flows towards the ground itself along with temperature and pressure...but the real answer is we just don't know for sure what gravity is or how it works exactly. Some would say down is down because that is how God made it.

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The ‘history is all fake’ crowd tend to have an agenda as well. Sure history is written by the winners, but they didn’t put millions of balls of 98% pure sulfur (which can’t occur in nature) along the Dead Sea where the five cities were located.

According to Abraham it rained fire and sulfur against those 5 cities and turned them into ash (calcium carbonate).

Pure sulfur isn’t natural.

You get 38-40% sulfur from volcanic activity.

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It’s from the ruins of ghomorrah.

The walls were a limestone concrete. They were heated to a point where they’re were baked into calcium phosphate.

And there’s no volcanic activity there.

Which is why people who have this really profane understanding of ‘what the Bible really means’ when you can go here yourself and see the ruins.

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The walls were a limestone concrete. They were heated to a point where they’re were baked into calcium phosphate.

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And there’s no volcanic activity there.

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Which is why people who have this really profane understanding of ‘what the Bible really means’ when you can go here yourself and see the ruins.

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The Saudi authorities have this entire area cordoned off. They don’t patrol it but you’re not allowed to go there.

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It’s named Mt Sinai.
It was named that maybe a century ago.
This is Jabal al Lawz. Which was the name and still is the name of the real location.
I’m assuming they changed the location to keep away the curious.
I don’t know for sure but into looks pretty damn literal to me.

Below... it is the real mt Sinai with black, heated rock at the top.

These drawings are all over that rock. And it’s in the valley with the real mt Sinai.

The valley with the altar to the golden calf. I think these qualify as ‘primary source observation’

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Ron Wyatt found the Ark in turkey (not ON mt Ararat). He’s also the guy who found this region which was already slightly patrolled.

Well he didn’t find the ark. But he’s he first person to lead an expedition to shoot X-rays into the ground to figure out what it was.

The charlatans in the mainstream creationism community claim the ark is on mt Ararat and also that mt Sinai is in the Sinai National Park. That’s why I view the mainstream creationism groups as controlled opposition like Flat Earth Society.

Ararat is of course in the distance from this object. But the Bible says it landed in the region OF Ararat not ON Ararat.

This is my single greatest criticism of the ppl who says history is totally faked by the Vatican.
1) that’s an unprovable assumption
2) I have evidence of history from accidental confirmation (high altitude photography)
3) I have evidence of history from explorative confirmation (piecing together biblical writings to find the five cities which were exactly where it said they would be) It also attributes more power to the church than they actually have. But they’d love for everyone to think they have hat kind of power.
Same with governments. Strongest flood evidence is geology, polystrata fossils etc. The entire Eastern USA was a lake that drained through the Grand Canyon. We are seeing proof!This is pretty good primary evidence.This isn’t some made up Greek writing stuff down in a dusty hall. This is archeological remains.Which weren’t discovered until the 1940s.

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6. He who builds His layers in the sky, And has founded His strata in the earth; Who calls for the waters of the sea, And pours them out on the face of the earth— The LORD is His name.

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If one wants to get in depth, these guys do an amazing job.

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This video is awesome. 👍

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This is the real story behind the pizzagate conspiracy. A hacker found child porn photos on a restricted page on Comet Ping Pongs website. The hacker informed police but no arrests were made. They stated they couldn’t do anything because the information was obtained illegally. Conveniently, a shooter at Comet Ping Pong managed to lodge a “SINGLE BULLET” into the hard drive of that computer.

This video contains an in depth interview with that hacker.

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Don't be in denial. Watch what the NIST has to say.

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''We built in enough redundancy to allow entire portions of floors to be removed without affecting the building's structural integrity, on the assumption that someone might need double-height floors,'' said Larry Silverstein, president of the company. ''Sure enough, Salomon had that need.

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WTC 7 fell at freefall for some period of time. NIST even admits it.

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What most don't know is that WTC 7 had 2 of the largest steel beams ever fabricated installed over the Con Edison Substation that was in the building.

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This is a great website for tracking the Q posts. Extremely well done. It also tracks Trump tweets, important resignations, and arrests for human trafficking.

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