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Gregory Garret's book.

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Master Mason 3rd Degree Ritual Exposed

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The Hiramic Legend parts 1 and 2.

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Hiram Abiff videos: Shedding Light on Free Masons

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There is definitely something afoot here. Please note a screenshot with the Lordโ€™s Prayer.

Then listen to Janet Meadโ€™s (1973) song for the Lordโ€™s Prayer with lyrics.

The version from 1973 is different. At some point after Feb 2012, when this video was downloaded to YouTube, the Lords Prayer was changed. This is absolute proof the Mandela Effect is real!!!

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I got this from a fellow anon. This is sick!!!
Ok Folks, this is a REAAAL doozy. Not only is Congress working on mandating vaccinations nationwide for all children, but today, the CDC added a 6-in-1 vaccine that killed 36 babies during clinical trials. They also added the Anthrax vaccine, and Japanese encephalitis (brain inflammation) which has killed more people than the actual illness. Sound like something out of a sci-fi movie? What could possibly go wrong? So now all the states that are forcing people to be vaccinated will have the law on their side when they try and oppose these new vaccinations or any of the others on the current schedule that consists of over 75 vaccines. Legislators are also trying to pass laws allowing 12-year-olds to get vaccinated in school without their parentโ€™s knowledge.
And if thatโ€™s not bad enough, they are clearly gearing up for their program called โ€œHealthy People 2020โ€, which will require all adults to get vaccinated with whatever the CDC decides is necessary. Otherwise, insurance, passports, drivers license, career, parental rights may be jeopardized.

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Check this eye-opening video out if you can. Right out of their own mouths.