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America's problems don't just come from the presence of blacks and such, but that *is* a big source of it

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i know why you want me to be a tranny so bad now

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friz you started it

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any country with a woman in power <:oldguy:627732244194394112>

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@Hannibal the Groyper Germany's only existed since 1871

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the nation state at least

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Well, yeah

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@friz doesn't count you have to post it

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@RalphFiennes al salamu alaykum

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this iteration of it maybe

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and if you snitch everyone will know it was you, and I'll just make another account and be on here again to mess with you lol

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im screenshotting it to laugh at u

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Prussia was around for a long time before that

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cope harder lukas

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if mord was mod he wouldve banned this rat ages ago

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There's more culture and beauty in corborals and panes of glass in every corner in Europe than anywhere in America

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you're going to lose your mind unless you say what I said to say

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@Devs Vvlt yeah but that was a nation state specifically made to unite the Germany people

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it was just a kingdom in northern Germany

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also me and mord are buddies from back in the day so no he wouldn't have

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friz you are a pro gay pro tranny homo

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@Samuel V Yeah, but they're arguing that German culture in general has been around for much longer

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just say I am king, and admit you're a bitch

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crip rap

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and it will alll be over

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Because it has as with the rest of Europe

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im a king and you're a little bitch

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im gonna go nap

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@ejg @benjamin 6 same goes for you two

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wake me up when the pop smoke album drops