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2020-04-15 22:19:47 UTC  

**Do you agree with Trump’s decision to defund the WHO?**

2020-04-15 22:19:54 UTC  

**Is the WHO too biased towards China, as Trump claims?**

2020-04-15 22:20:03 UTC  

**Was Trump’s reaction to the Coronavirus too slow?**

2020-04-15 22:20:12 UTC  

**Do you think that the Chinese Government is covering up the true severity of the coronavirus in China?**

2020-04-15 22:20:22 UTC  

**Over the last few weeks in the US several food processing plants have went into shutdowns due to the pandemic - this has reduced the food production capacity in the US by around 20% and more are expected to shutdown. Do you have an ample food supply for the next 6 months stored up?**

2020-04-15 22:21:23 UTC  

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2020-04-20 19:00:58 UTC  

**Are you gaming more during the virus lockdown (if under one)?**

2020-04-20 19:01:08 UTC  

**Do you think Medical Martial Law is a good solution to quickly end the COVID19 pandemic?**

2020-04-20 19:01:17 UTC  

**Are you going to watch IGN's summer of gaming?**

2020-04-20 19:03:19 UTC  

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2020-04-23 01:43:39 UTC  

**Should the media make more of an effort now to move coverage to things other than the coronavirus?**

2020-04-23 01:43:46 UTC  

**Do you think Asian mask culture prevented a lot of infections in Asia, despite the WHO discouraging the general public from using masks?**

2020-04-23 01:43:58 UTC  

**Do you think Trump is more bothered about the Presidential Election in November rather than implications of the coronavirus?**

2020-04-23 01:44:08 UTC  

**With the current state of Kim Jong-un's health, do you expect Kim Yo-jong to take over NK within the next 6 months?**

2020-04-23 01:45:05 UTC  

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2020-04-28 02:12:14 UTC  

**Do you think that governments are using the current COVID-19 pandemic to strip away citizens rights and that the MSM is complicit in the power grabs?**

2020-04-28 02:12:21 UTC  

**Should the west encourage wearing masks even after the crisis? (for example, wearing a mask outside when you have a bad cold)**

2020-04-28 02:12:47 UTC  

**Will there be a COVID-19 vaccine before the year is out?**

2020-04-28 02:12:56 UTC  

**Have you managed to keep yourself occupied during lockdown?**

2020-04-28 02:17:08 UTC  

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2020-04-29 20:15:34 UTC  

**85% of mask production is located in China. Should countries start producing their own in the spirit of localized production and not having to rely on foreign powers during times of crisis?**

2020-04-29 20:15:43 UTC  

**Do you think the US economy fully being reopened by the end of summer is a good idea?**

2020-04-29 20:15:50 UTC  

**Have you received the Corona relief TrumpBux™️?**

2020-04-29 20:15:57 UTC  

**Is TRS the top server you post in?**

2020-04-29 20:23:17 UTC  

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2020-05-04 23:11:45 UTC  

**Is this election year visibly less energetic than 2016?**

2020-05-04 23:11:53 UTC  

**Has your opinion on Donald Trump moved from positive to negative since 2016?**

2020-05-04 23:11:59 UTC  

**Do you believe Biden still stands a chance after the recent allegations made about him by Tara Reade?**

2020-05-04 23:12:05 UTC  

**Are you currently undecided on the 2020 Presidential Election?**

2020-05-04 23:18:03 UTC  

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2020-05-06 23:44:47 UTC  

**Is China a bigger threat than Russia?**

2020-05-06 23:44:57 UTC  

**Should we reopen the country from lockdown immediately?**

2020-05-06 23:45:07 UTC  

**Should hospitals that allow their nurses to be doing dances on TikTok and other social medias be called out by the government?**

2020-05-06 23:45:19 UTC  

**As it stands, do you think the US health care system is handling the coronavirus outbreak well?**

2020-05-06 23:48:49 UTC  

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2020-05-12 00:23:01 UTC  

**Do you have a positive perception of the future?**

2020-05-12 00:23:10 UTC  

**Do you support some form of UBI being implemented?**

2020-05-12 00:23:18 UTC  

**Are you aware that there's a second round of stimulus checks going out soon?**

2020-05-12 00:23:25 UTC  

**Have you ever made a positive stock market trade?**

2020-05-12 00:28:28 UTC  

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2020-05-16 17:48:03 UTC  

**Have you or anyone you know legitimately tested positive for COVID19?**