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2020-05-31 01:41:40 UTC  

current heir to the throne of france on the vandalism of the louis xvi statue

2020-05-31 15:39:31 UTC  


2020-05-31 17:27:13 UTC  

It’s more than a day old but does confirm he was intoxicated

2020-05-31 17:39:58 UTC  

he still didn't die from lack of oxygen

2020-05-31 20:29:47 UTC  
2020-05-31 20:33:33 UTC  

<:pepohype:699315693698678874> <:pepolice:707721739853103114> <:TriumphantPartner:689862501164384345> <:pepepoint:707714856618295348> <:pepepopcorn:707721739861491732>

2020-05-31 22:04:42 UTC  

Roof Korean gang is back