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2020-03-18 17:00:50 UTC  

Hello y'all Cooldead here,

Here's the scoop.
We have created a new server due to the previous owners negligence and laziness.
We exhausted all other options in regards to improving the old server.
This was the only option.
I will be the new owner, we will be making a serious effort in regards to community events and improving the server.
Thank you for being an amazing community.

2020-03-18 17:01:58 UTC  

Make sure to invite your friends here.

2020-03-18 17:02:07 UTC  

Make sure to boost our server!

2020-03-18 18:36:45 UTC  

i ate a powdered donut, i cooufed and 18000 people got banned

2020-03-18 18:54:22 UTC  

nootropic donut

2020-03-18 19:00:26 UTC  

0 days since discord coup

2020-03-18 19:04:00 UTC  

We couped CC because the new owner wanted an Anime channel
We couped TRS because the new owner wanted an Ark channel

2020-03-18 19:58:17 UTC  


2020-03-19 22:51:51 UTC  

Hello everyone, today we will be hosting a Movie Night and tomorrow we will be hosting a Debate Night!
*Title*: Doomsday
*Date*: Tonight, March 19th, 8:00 PM EST

Doomsday is a futuristic action thriller where a team of people work to prevent a disaster threatening the future of the human race.

A link to the stream will be posted 15 minutes before start time.


2020-03-19 22:51:52 UTC  

*Title*: Coronavirus
*Date*: March 20th, 8:00 PM EST

1. Though the first vaccine trials have begun, realistically, it will be an estimated 18+ months before it will be complete for mass distribution. Do you believe the COVID-19 will have peaked and declined, and if so, by when?

2. Panic buying has left store shelves across the country empty. With canned goods, water, and cleaning/health supplies like hand sanitizers and soap being sold out, do you believe looting of stores and pharmacies will become more common if nothing changes? What can be done to stop this, or at least slow it down if it *will* happen?

3. Dozens of businesses, including airports, cinemas, restaurants, clubs, and many others will essentially go bankrupt due to large groups of people being banned to prevent spreading. Do you think these businesses will end up being financially assisted by the government? Should they, and if so, how exactly should they get assistance?

4. Many schools and colleges are closing down and going online, something a majority of teachers have never done before. With little time to prepare courses and activities, will students simply have to accept a potentially less-rigorous education? Are there ideas you believe which could make the education more beneficial? Is it ethical or morally correct for teachers to extend their authority and control into the household of the student such as during online video chatroom lectures?

5. Countries around the world are either instituting temporary travel bans or quarantining themselves. Are the measures currently being taken enough, or is a far more dramatic isolationist approach necessary to truly avoid further cases and spreading? What do you think should be done to further slow or stop the spread globally?

2020-03-19 23:49:49 UTC  

Please head to the Movie Night voice channel!

2020-03-20 23:55:07 UTC  

Hello everyone, Debate Night will be starting in 5 minutes! Please head to the Debate Night voice channel and use <#689862336919371852> for discussion!

2020-03-20 23:55:27 UTC

2020-03-21 21:05:56 UTC  

Howdy y'all,

Reaction roles is live! You will now easily be able to assign yourself all of the cosmetic roles that you're used to.
Simply react with the emote corresponding to the appropriate role and you're set.
Visit <#690337745121574962> to get started!

2020-03-22 01:15:41 UTC  

Hey Gamers,

The Official TRS Minecraft server is up!
**Version:** Java 1.15.2

1. Don't Grief
2. Don't Steal
3. Don't Kill For No Reason
4. Be mindful of building too close to others and respect sign land claims

We are now on a whitelist! Please DM me your minecraft username.

Discuss anything minecraft in <#691747231102926868>

2020-03-22 21:27:38 UTC  

Hi Gamers,

The epic Ender Dragon battle is about to commence!
Join the official TRS Minecraft server and ask for the stronghold coordinates.
**Version:** Java 1.15.2

2020-03-24 16:53:00 UTC  

Follow the Official TRS twitter profile.

2020-03-26 06:53:38 UTC  

Join The Official TRS Backup Server.

2020-03-26 22:03:02 UTC  

Hello everyone, today we will be hosting a Movie Night and tomorrow we will be hosting a Debate Night!
*Title*: Outbreak
*Date*: Tonight, March 26th, 8:00 PM EST

Outbreak is about army doctors struggle to find a cure for a deadly virus spreading throughout a California town that was brought to America by an African monkey

A link to the stream will be posted 15 minutes before start time.


2020-03-26 22:03:03 UTC  

*Title*: US Economy
*Date*: March 27th, 8:00 PM EST

1. Currently, Trump plans to ease social distancing and "open" the economy by April 12th to allow businesses to regain lost profit, despite warnings from health officials that this could worsen the virus. Do you agree with his decision? Or do you think a national lockdown is in order to fully prevent the spread?

2. The Senate has just unanimously agreed upon the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill which will give $1,200 to single individuals who have filed their tax returns. People who wouldn't be receiving are those who are adults, but are/can be claimed as dependents, therefore a majority of college students. Democrats would like to expand the amount of aid given, and the range of those who could potentially receive. Do you agree with this with any of their proposals, or is the current bill fine already?

3. With the Fed having cut interest rates to 0%, millions are refinancing mortgages, taking out more student loans and getting new credit cards. Could this potentially harm the businesses Trump is attempting to save, or is this a golden time for American personal finances?

4. Unemployment has surged into the millions. Those unemployed will be receiving $600 weekly from the stimulus bill, and those laid off will potentially receive for up to 4 months. Are we handling the sudden end of the employment boom in the correct way? Should we instead focus on those still capable of working? Is the $600 even good enough for those needing to afford a home and food during this time of unemployment?

5. Global production has rapidly decreased, with the US already in a recession according to some experts, as relations between China and the US stiffen. The United States, Europe, Japan, China and India are placing a combined $7 trillion to prevent further global economic depression via health coverage, food assistance, and business relief. Will they succeed, and how will the relations change moving forward?

2020-03-26 23:46:42 UTC  

Please head to the Movie Night voice channel!

2020-03-27 02:15:10 UTC  

I love her so much

2020-03-27 23:55:43 UTC  

Hello everyone, Debate Night will be starting in 5 minutes! Please head to the Debate Night voice channel and use <#692146058624761907> for discussion!

2020-03-27 23:55:54 UTC

2020-03-28 16:39:32 UTC  

We have changed Minecraft Server hosts!
If you were whitelisted on the old server then you are whitelisted on the new server.
**New IP:**

2020-04-02 19:12:27 UTC  

Hello everyone, tomorrow we will be hosting a Debate Night!

2020-04-02 19:12:33 UTC  

*Title*: Coronavirus 2: Electric Boogaloo
*Date*: April 3rd, 8:00 PM EST

1. As corona cases rise, 4 states have issued quarantine while 30 have issued shelter-in-place directives. Do you believe this form of infection mitigation is the best form of action, or would a complete suppression system via nationwide lockdown be more effective? Could a lockdown cause more issues if more supplies can't be sent to states due to lockdown?

2. If further forms of restriction are not put into place, where do you see the United States in 2 weeks? Will the amount of deaths become so high all healthcare professionals will become too overwhelmed to help anyone? And with doctors being the most at-risk for infection, is it a matter of time before our healthcare workers start dropping?

3. At the start, due to a lack of early government action, there weren't enough tests to determine who is sick, so therefore we have no idea how widespread the cases are. How largescale do you think the infection already is?

4. The biggest concern to politicians is the economy during this pandemic. Many have cited how if essential government workers are not allowed to work via lockdown, the economy will crash, while others claim the safety of the people is the only way to preserve a stable future economy, even if for a brief time no work is done. Which do you agree with and why? Do you also think those infected with corona should receive paid leave if they're not sick enough to receive hospital treatment?

5. Many citizens have shown to have little-to-no care about the severity of the disease and continue to go outside for non-essential purposes. The fear is even if quarantine or lockdown is enacted state or nationwide, the amount of individuals disobeying would overwhelm police authorities. Do you foresee martial law as a probable future action? Do you believe it's necessary to have military checkpoints regardless of lockdown to monitor travel of goods and individuals?

2020-04-03 01:43:43 UTC  

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay, but we will still be hosting a Movie Night tonight! Please head to the Movie Night voice lobby and click the stream link in this announcement to watch!
*Title*: 28 Days Later
*Date*: In 5 Minutes! (9:47 PM EST)

28 Days Later takes place about four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, as a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.

*Stream Link*:

2020-04-03 23:58:53 UTC  

Hello everyone! Debate Night will be starting in 2 minutes! Please head to the Debate Night voice lobby and use <#695501148789932062> to discuss!

2020-04-04 21:56:31 UTC  

Hello @everyone! We've fleshed out the rules and added more in order to give some more structure to the server! Please check out <#689862324726530123> to see what's been changed!

Additionally, <#696129031388790814> now requires users to have the <@&695873889808678913> role in order to post in it! If you wish to post in <#689862339922493565>, please ping a staff member!

Finally, <@&689862189032669230> will no longer be able post images or embed links in ANY channel! To our <@&689862189032669230> , if you want such a luxury, you must earn it through activity and quality!

2020-04-09 20:42:10 UTC  

Hello everyone, today we will be hosting a Movie Night and tomorrow we will be hosting a Debate Night!
*Title*: 28 Weeks Later
*Date*: Tonight, April 9th, 8:00 PM EST

Six months after the rage virus was inflicted on the population of Great Britain, the US Army helps to secure a small area of London for the survivors to repopulate and start again. But not everything goes according to plan.

A link to the stream will approximately be posted 15 minutes before start time.


2020-04-09 20:42:11 UTC  

*Title*: Education
*Date*: April 10th, 8:00 PM EST

1. Teaching positions typically underpay employees with little-to-no experience, increasing the pay with each year, however, tenure prevents many teachers from being removed to allow in new teachers. Should tenure be removed or at least have higher standards, or, is the salary of the teacher what needs to be changed?

2. Few states require high school students to take classes such as “Personal Finance” and “Family Life” before graduating. Many students believe they enter the real world with absolutely no life skills or information on how to survive on their own. Should the government institute a program for Juniors and Seniors nationwide to prepare them for adulthood? What should be taught?

3. Homework and testing are typically the two most debated subjects when it comes to the efficiency of learning. Testing forces the student to memorize specific information for that period, only to forget it and make room for new information for the next test. Some say homework shouldn’t be necessary if the teacher is doing their job correctly. Do you agree with any of these claims, and what changes should be made?

4. Education receives on average 7% of the federal budget and is typically 2nd or 3rd in line for what it receives compared to the other national priorities. Should education receive more funding, and if so, which national priority should that funding be taken out of?

5. The biggest clash between parents and schools is the topic of religion in schools. The “Under God” of the Pledge of Allegiance for non-Christians and non-chaste sex ed within schools for Christians for example. Many feel biases can be present within history and English courses, which are designed to introduce students to American culture and identity. What is the best way of approaching this?

Bonus Questions:
Should Common Core standards be abolished?
Should students repeat the current school year due to the Coronavirus?

2020-04-10 00:02:18 UTC  

Please head to the Movie Night voice channel!

2020-04-11 00:13:27 UTC  

Howdy y'all! Debate Night will be starting in 2 minutes! Please head to the Debate Night voice lobby and use <#698324227199336508> to discuss!

2020-04-12 00:15:52 UTC  

Hello @everyone - 🚔 Tonight is the TRS Live PD Saturday Stream Night! 🚔
Stream begins at 9pm EST and ends at midnight.

🚔 What is LIVE PD?🚔
More than 30 camera crews follow around cops in 8 states and its LIVE. Almost anything could happen - every episode is a 90% guaranteed police chase. The show provides a window into the escalating criminal elements facing many US states.

🚔 Hurr durr it's not actually live🚔
Confirmed for less than 15min delay. It's as live as a show like this can possibly be on network TV. It's only delayed to bleep words and cut the feed if someone gets turned into swiss cheese.

🚔 Why is this on TRS?🚔
Who likes to discuss law and order and watch animals get manhandled by zookeepers more than us? This is on TRS bc law and order is inherently political.

STREAM: - Enable embedding and its just like Rabbit used to be.
(no account required)

2020-04-12 20:12:10 UTC  

Hello @everyone! We here at TRS are hoping that you're all having an enjoyable Easter, even under our current circumstances! Have a happy Easter, stay safe, and stay healthy!