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2020-05-28 16:31:53 UTC  

Welcome to The Right Server, Discord's largest political talk server for right-wing discussion.

__**Social Media**__
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Version: 1.15.2

__**Server Rules**__
1. Do not violate the Discord Terms of Service or community guidelines.
2. Do not use slurs of any nature. Do not attack users based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, or disabilities.
3. Do not disrupt the discourse.
4. Do not record voice chat without prior consent from all users involved. Do not use any kind of software to log chat.
5. Do not post porn, gore, anime, or any NSFW content. Do not sexualize minors or support/promote pedophilia.
6. Do not spam chat with text, images, emotes, or reactions.
7. Do not mute or block staff members, or unnecessarily ping staff members.
8. Do not attempt to bypass chat filters.
9. Do not ban evade or attempt to evade punishment in any way.
10. Do not dox or share personal information/pictures of users.
11. Do not impersonate other users or staff members.
12. Do not advertise.
13. Do not threaten violence against individuals or groups of people.
14. English only.
15. You must have a profile picture.
16. Staff reserve the right to ban a user for any reason.

The Right Server fully abides by the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
Please read them here: