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2019-04-05 20:02:32 UTC  

Sure people may hide some info but everyone does that

2019-04-05 20:03:27 UTC  

It proves that they are human

2019-04-05 20:03:33 UTC  

that's true i guess people think it would be too much information to give away now so they just keep lying

2019-04-05 20:03:33 UTC  

Not a rbotto

2019-04-05 20:03:54 UTC  

Ok, I see your point

2019-04-05 20:04:14 UTC  

And I thank you for looking at both side

2019-04-05 20:04:35 UTC  

it's fine no problem

2019-04-05 20:04:56 UTC  

what would they really gain from hiding the flat earth if it were real?

2019-04-05 20:05:23 UTC  

Thats my main point

2019-04-05 20:05:45 UTC  

**brainwash** you could say, but what next

2019-04-05 20:06:14 UTC  

yeah how far do you go

2019-04-05 20:06:18 UTC  

If we were 100% brainwashed, we would be locked in our state in tech, and oh boy.. that is NOT GOOD

2019-04-05 20:06:42 UTC  

I say that cause we wont be innovative

2019-04-05 20:07:47 UTC  

yeah i guess if we knew that they hid the flat earth from us what else would they be hiding

2019-04-05 20:08:40 UTC  

Look at Eugime stoner, what would happen if he was brainwashed, probs bo M16 today, so why would the gov want to brainwash us 100%

2019-04-05 20:09:03 UTC  

Im talking bout people and vaxx brainwash

2019-04-05 20:09:20 UTC  

what vaxx brainwash are you talking about

2019-04-05 20:09:44 UTC  

Wait, thats flat earth

2019-04-05 20:09:53 UTC  


2019-04-05 20:10:33 UTC  

Still iF vaxx were bad, we would be brainwashed to use them some say, not me.

2019-04-05 20:11:13 UTC  

yeah because there are antivaxxers it shows that we aren't brainwashed at least 100%

2019-04-05 20:11:47 UTC  

Either that or some side is ignorant, and that aint good for brainwashing

2019-04-05 20:11:54 UTC  

guys my arm fell off, but i believe in the power of prayer over unknown chemicals

2019-04-05 20:12:32 UTC  

Pretty sure doctors AT LEASR TRY to know what the chems do unlike crackheads

2019-04-05 20:12:35 UTC  

bruv listen

2019-04-05 20:12:39 UTC  

i got vaccinated

2019-04-05 20:12:42 UTC  

and um

2019-04-05 20:12:44 UTC  


2019-04-05 20:12:46 UTC  

Alright, @Nak Muay has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-05 20:12:50 UTC  

by like 10 cm

2019-04-05 20:13:00 UTC  

my pee pee shrank

2019-04-05 20:13:13 UTC  

I'm vaccinated and I'm autisic now
not gonna vax my probably never exisitng kids

2019-04-05 20:13:15 UTC  

i got vaccinated by a white guy with dreads and I saw demi lovato

2019-04-05 20:13:20 UTC  

You didnt have one in the first place @Nak Muay

2019-04-05 20:13:29 UTC  

nice assumption

2019-04-05 20:13:39 UTC  

but i have to disagree

2019-04-05 20:13:46 UTC  


2019-04-05 20:13:47 UTC  


2019-04-05 20:13:50 UTC  

as 10 cm while a lot for normal people

2019-04-05 20:13:52 UTC  

is nothing to me

2019-04-05 20:13:56 UTC  

as i am an absolute chad