Message from Lancelot in The Ice Wall #ufos

2019-04-23 03:41:26 UTC  

Aliens have my family

2019-04-23 16:30:56 UTC  

i hope aliens are hot

2019-04-23 22:30:35 UTC  

They probably aren’t

2019-04-24 00:12:52 UTC  

I say they're smokin like Kylie Jenner level

2019-04-24 15:45:08 UTC  

If Aleins we're here, we'd all know. Because they have no reason to be secretive. C'mon look at us, we just showed up and chilled when we discovered another 1/2 of the planet XD.

2019-04-24 16:14:24 UTC  


2019-04-24 17:27:04 UTC  

I think probably aliens can communicate with us, buy they think we are poorly developed civilization. That's my opinion.

2019-04-24 17:27:16 UTC  


2019-04-24 19:57:28 UTC  

think Rendlesham in the UK

2019-04-25 08:43:13 UTC  

If aliens exist, so what? What would be the big deal about aliens?

2019-04-25 13:19:02 UTC  

If they believe in Jesus, then I'll love them 😁

2019-04-25 14:19:36 UTC  

Big deal? Of course. The knowledge they would hold are otherworldly. New technologies that far surpass our current ones. But of course the governments going to hold onto those technologies first and play around with them

2019-04-25 14:24:35 UTC  

if they even release it at all

2019-04-25 15:25:35 UTC  

Aliens exist but probably simple bacteria

2019-04-26 17:06:44 UTC  

Aliens exist, we exist on this one planet, we know trillions of planets exist, preeeety sure at least 1 or 2 of them have life other than us

2019-04-26 17:29:41 UTC  

~~**trillions of planets exist**~~ 😆

2019-04-26 17:30:34 UTC  

...<:snapsnap:484956825863585792> <:silly:507986623850348547>

u sillee wabbit

2019-04-26 18:15:52 UTC  


2019-04-26 18:15:57 UTC  

how are you people

2019-04-26 18:50:33 UTC  

it doesn't has to be simply bacteria, saying it's just bacteria is to a holistic understanding to the university hypothetical and unconfirmed

2019-04-26 18:51:15 UTC  

sometimes, you can have supernatural experiences related to extraterrestrials, to those who have experienced something like this, how does it feel?

2019-04-26 18:51:23 UTC  

same story as with telepathy?

2019-04-26 21:57:02 UTC  

Pretty sure the Grey's have telepathic capabilities

2019-04-26 23:14:54 UTC  

i wasnt even ear raping and i was muted lol

2019-04-26 23:18:18 UTC  

@Bassn wrong chat

2019-04-26 23:18:24 UTC  


2019-04-27 05:00:18 UTC  
2019-04-28 01:07:08 UTC  

thefirst one is a bird

2019-04-28 01:07:29 UTC  


2019-04-28 21:30:03 UTC  

They are real

2019-04-29 11:30:05 UTC  

humans are so stupid

2019-04-29 19:20:26 UTC  

prefer an experience with ETs over that with humans. This often happens with starseeds

2019-04-29 19:21:16 UTC  

the philosophical basis of this is based on what you experience. To bring you in a situation of one such child, it's clear that they are often bullied and misinterpreted.

2019-04-29 19:21:37 UTC  

and labeled with some psychiatric diagnosis, sometimes even put on drugs

2019-05-03 08:12:24 UTC  


2019-05-03 08:12:38 UTC  

think i just got probed

2019-05-03 09:18:44 UTC  


2019-05-03 09:31:28 UTC  

what should i do

2019-05-03 09:33:44 UTC  

call the police

2019-05-03 09:33:47 UTC