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I don't know who that is tbh

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I've just taken them quite a few times with close friends over the years

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so just wondering "why" are some of you here, like on this server? like is there any goal in mind?

2018-08-31 20:33:52 UTC  

I was and have been listening to loads of info about how the Earth could be flat.....

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I'm just here because Z invited me and I know and like some of the people here.

2018-08-31 20:34:37 UTC  

I find conspiracy stuff interesting

2018-08-31 20:34:39 UTC  

i am here cause i bitched about not being here

2018-08-31 20:34:46 UTC  

@Sparkles okay... but for me "that" was a week or two at most abour 3 years ago... it lead directly into "occult"/essoteric teachings/views and beyond

2018-08-31 20:34:48 UTC  

Yeah, peper didn't want to be left out

2018-08-31 20:34:56 UTC  

I don't like echo chambers

2018-08-31 20:35:10 UTC  

So it's different here

2018-08-31 20:35:37 UTC  

right @Satan its why i'm not active on discord much these days

2018-08-31 20:35:38 UTC  

Also what pod said

2018-08-31 20:35:53 UTC  

Because? @Mr.J

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Echo chambers.

2018-08-31 20:36:37 UTC  

echo chamber

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I just still don't get how it could be flat

2018-08-31 20:37:17 UTC  

No matter how hard I try. It doesn't make sense.

2018-08-31 20:37:36 UTC  

Its fun discussing alternate opinions, I get bored with like-minded people

2018-08-31 20:37:42 UTC  

minded people

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Fuck you tbh

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*pokes peper*

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Shut it

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well for me it never did become clear that the shape of the earth mattered, because the background/surrounding stuff all pointed towards this just being a "dream" state that our souls are bound to by default. so there is no need for anything beyond the earth in this "tutorial" land so to speak, but the fact is once you expand your soul's potential or what not, when you awake the next day you might embody a avatar within a world of greater potential such as space etc

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2018-08-31 20:41:34 UTC  

I try to think what I would do differently depending on the shape of the earth. And I cant think of one thing I would do differently then i do now. But i think it would be interesting to know. Although i don't think I will ever know the ultimate truth.

2018-08-31 20:43:02 UTC  

well for most people it leads them into the thoughts regarding "god" or some overarching intelligence, the main differencing being sphere earth=science-godless ignorance and do as tho will. While flat earth means there’s a creator, and a judgment, spirituality etc

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