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I disagree with that, but I find the distinction between macro and micro evolution interesting. It seems to me there shouldn't be a distincton between the two as they both act the same way. Making the distinction between macro and micro shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how evolution works, as the small changes bulid up and over time become bigger.

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Also macro is the one you are arguing against in your last message, micro is the small changes

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@Citizen Z what’s up why am I tagged

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Sorry been travelling for a couple days not watching discord

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Hey man. Im a truther

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The mechanism of macro and microevolution is the same. Who admitts that thee is microevolution admitts also that there is macroevolution.
There is no point in mutation that says "Stop". It goes on and on forever.
And we see the traces back for million of years. Genetics and DNA proves evolution perfectly.
But sure Citizen won't get it because he doesn't understands it.

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Even if you reject the fossil record we see speciation (creation of new species from older ones) within our lifetime

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Like what @I-VaPE-ChEMtrAiLS ?

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Also, where is your best observable proof that apes turned to humans?

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Does the cube spin

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Because of the north and south poles

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Making it spin

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Is there gravity

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@Soldz (CF) sorry every communist country has failed

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I don't want to debate it thanks tho 😃

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Maybe after dinner

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Having dead nazi 😉

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@Deleted User lay it on me

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@Soldz (CF) :atheist"? lol? then..why do you have those "religious" type of roles and other things like that then! x D

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heheh Got ya <:snapsnap:484956825863585792>

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* that post (response) didnt make sense

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Yes, what 😃

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What doesnt make sense

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ah,,, i think i get what you're saying now...

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* other room ..thought you said ...theres no god except for the big bang, or something,
ahh - so.... by "Creationist"'re suggesting the big bang is the creationist?? heheh
@Soldz (CF)

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I kinda thought creationist meant the big bang

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@Soldz (CF) - What about the "flat earther" role then? :)
hmm? ... Flat Earth is a 'result' of a big bang? -- or ?

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It is more of a half-earth thing