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2018-09-13 02:58:28 UTC  

What just happened?

2018-09-13 03:00:42 UTC  

Why do black people move like that?

2018-09-13 03:01:51 UTC  

They think its a affective dodging strategy.

2018-09-13 03:02:14 UTC  

Dodging child support?

2018-09-13 03:02:21 UTC  

Dodging bullets?

2018-09-13 03:02:37 UTC  

Dodging hoes?

2018-09-13 03:02:52 UTC  

Dodging bail?

2018-09-13 03:03:05 UTC  

Dodging the law?

2018-09-13 03:03:05 UTC  

Tryna be like Anderson Silva and they always get caught, it's pretty funny.

2018-09-13 03:03:42 UTC  

I can't even fathom fighting a police officer.

2018-09-13 03:04:20 UTC  

Most police officers have Dad bods, so I could

2018-09-13 03:05:16 UTC  

We should be more like the Jews.

2018-09-13 03:05:26 UTC

2018-09-13 03:05:28 UTC

2018-09-13 03:05:31 UTC

2018-09-13 03:05:50 UTC  

Our ethnicity should be our religion.

2018-09-13 03:05:53 UTC  


2018-09-13 03:06:46 UTC  

We are chosen

2018-09-13 03:06:50 UTC  

That doesn't work there are too many non white Christian's, all of South America is Catholic thanks to Spaniards and the Portuguese.

2018-09-13 03:07:06 UTC  

Jerusalem belongs to us.

2018-09-13 03:07:33 UTC  

Well if not literally our religion, than our philosophy, and law.

2018-09-13 03:07:56 UTC  

Well our laws are already based off of Christianity.

2018-09-13 03:11:01 UTC  

This hurricane is going to be blamed on trump.

2018-09-13 03:11:14 UTC  

Or climate change

2018-09-13 03:11:47 UTC  

Just make them look like conspiracy wackos, Chelsea handler tried blaming Trump for the fires in California and everyone laughed at her.

2018-09-13 03:12:41 UTC  

Chelsea handler literally made her living by jerking off Jews.

2018-09-13 03:12:59 UTC  

You can't say Alex Jones is crazy and then turn around and say Trump is using weather modification technology.

2018-09-13 03:13:15 UTC  

Most of them know this.

2018-09-13 03:13:25 UTC  

She a H.A.A.R.P. nigga?

2018-09-13 03:13:47 UTC  

Trump's racist ass weather radar headass

2018-09-13 03:13:53 UTC  

Yeah she thinks Trump started the fire

2018-09-13 03:14:05 UTC  

I hope he did tbh

2018-09-13 03:14:34 UTC  

Weather modification technology is very real.

2018-09-13 03:14:45 UTC  

Go on,

2018-09-13 03:14:56 UTC  

But you're a conspiracy theorist if you believe in it.

2018-09-13 03:15:26 UTC  

CIA niggers have tornado antenna?

2018-09-13 03:15:30 UTC  

So Trump could literally wipe out the west coast and they couldn't say anything about it.

2018-09-13 03:15:44 UTC  


2018-09-13 03:15:56 UTC  


2018-09-13 03:16:32 UTC  

They've talked about jets that can literally shoot lasers now on the news a few times.

2018-09-13 03:18:13 UTC  

and haarp is real, q is real, bigfoot is real, annunaki are bringing nibiuru by earth