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I think Texas assimilates them better, not any other state tho.

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it’s a secondary issue anyways... we shouldn’t be focused on the republican party we should be focused on white people

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Just what do you mean by cowboy

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They dress in western wear?

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hispanics in texas are in favour of the gop the most of all hispanics but still only 29% of them do

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That isn't exactly a consolation for the state becoming absolute minority white

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I don't give a shit if they wear a ten gallon hat

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I'm just looking at the glass half full

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Your glass half full is literally "at least I'll have the constitution"

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Even if all these immigrants came in and voted for republican policies, it would still be a bad thing

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whites becoming a minority is a bad thing in and of itself, not because of the consequences it will bring

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Yeah no shit, I'm aware

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But it's kinda already a lost state

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And Mexicans don't hate whites anyways

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barry white with the good takes

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I'd be more concerned if it was nogs taking over, not 5'5 laborers

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aw shucks

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we shouldn’t have to couch defense of our existence as a pro/con analysis

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But without mexicans who's gonna clean our toilets and make our chalupas????

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Checkmate racists

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No more burritos for you

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no other people on earth is forced to ask if their existence is economically beneficial

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Also funny enough the best burrito place in my city is run by blacks and whites

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Someone find that clip plox

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say what you will about nigs

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Just Look at what Democrat policies have made them do now!

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at least they speak some sort of vague dialect of english

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You can kinda understand them when they talk

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Spics bring their own language

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Ye nigga we gottee fucking off deez cholo niggas

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blacks unironically hate mexicans more than whites

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Mexicans are way better than nogs lol

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Fuckin yammering dat Spanish shit mane get the fuck outta here wid that

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And way better than arabs

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How do you figure that