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Less on left (closest to you)

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@I-VaPE-ChEMtrAiLS By putting up the triangle over the left eye it is said that one is showing their allegiance to the mainstream control system (beast system). Someone in Gems discord posted this picture to mock someone who was talking about it in a serious way.

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K be back in a bit

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Okay but what's beast system? Is that the illumination?

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Ponder this Louis

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How angular resolution works:

The further an object (i.e. boat, building mountain) gets away from the lens, the angular separation will continue to close until the light blurs together and eventually becomes a line or point or edge"

"As he looks downward toward his feet the slant approaches zero, as he looks upward the slant increases, as the center of clear vision approaches the horizon the slant becomes maximal, and at the horizon itself the land ceases to be a surface and becomes an edge"

As you look down the right side of the hallway, you'll see the angular separation of light begins to close the further you look. Then looking at the left side of the hallway you'll notice the angular separation of light does not close or blur as quickly as the right side.

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Here are some questions you can ask yourself. Where is the plane of the eye? What is the relative angle between the surface of target and the plane of the eye? Given that angle , what is the angular separation of the points of light on that target?

Notice the blue cones angle compared to the orange cone. The blue cones angle will lose the light first on the bottom and the ground will start to blur with the object but if you raise in height the resolution will increase shown with the orange cone because the angle of light hitting the retina or camera is made larger. Once the angle becomes too shallow the light turns into a line or Edge. Think of buildings or boats or mountains not as objects but as quadrillions of points of light or photons coming to your retina at different angles and some will become non-resolvable before others. The ones closest to you disappear first as you back away. You will see the ground running up to the horizon then see the horizon as a line and will see things like the sky still or if there's a mountain or building you will still see the top parts but eventually those will also become unresolvable as they get further away and the angle changes.

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Lol Louis

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Let's see a 30 mile long hallway

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3 miles would be sufficient

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Are there any 3 mile hallways ?

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I take them every day

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!play wheels go round

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Im just sittin here watching the wheels go round and round

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No longer riding on the merry go round

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I just had to let it go

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People asking questions

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I thought you were going to jam out to wheels on the bus lol

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Im just sittin here doing time

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No longer riding on the merry go r-round

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!play rem moon

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Good evening everyone

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Heya gwench =)