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2018-09-12 05:45:59 UTC  

@Christmas EveryDay you don't need to get so defensive; learn to see your cognitive dissonance, it’s a defensive reaction to conflicting inspiration. Aka if your “knowledge/experience” has emotion behind it and something is trying to get you to draw from that stuff the emotional significance comes through as a negative emotional response creating a defensive mentality to reject conflicting information.

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its Life Was LIke A Box Of Chocolates!!!!

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im not rejecting information, im not angry, i hit caps lock while i was typing by accidfent

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@Mr.J No freaking way. I watched that movie so many times. I know that movie.

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Wait is NZ connected in that map? @The Gwench

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im 30, im not an angry kid, nor am i angry to any degree

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over react to that if u want

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Nat, NZ gets no respect on most maps.

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at least it's represented

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I've been dead b4, i have experiences very few can tell about, try to be more openminded

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@DrPeper is forgetting the most important thing MURICA "cracks open a few brewksies over sports ball"

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hell yeah

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Anyone remember "cocoa puffs" being called Coco puffs?

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Oh nat is blurple again

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She has her own color

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Yeah Mitch fixed it, apparently Soldz hit him up about it

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I miss lurking for no reason what so ever.

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Nah it's nice to see you back in here

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For now.

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@Christmas EveryDay what kinda luck have you had with esp (remote viewing, manifesting disassociated voices etc)

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chill with us, mitch

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With who?

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Faulty memory

2018-09-12 05:57:34 UTC  

the ol' gang

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I don't know these bears!

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When was I apart of a gang?

2018-09-12 05:57:50 UTC  

i can do telepathy and i have visions sometimes

2018-09-12 05:57:54 UTC  

What universe am I from!

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@shroominati ! halp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2018-09-12 05:58:17 UTC  

At this point you have to wonder what's more plausible
A faulty memory or universe shifting