Message from Satan in The Ice Wall #lounge

2018-12-22 05:37:01 UTC  


2018-12-22 05:46:27 UTC  

Fair enough

2018-12-22 05:49:01 UTC  

Very smart

2018-12-22 13:45:57 UTC  

@The Gwench I dont mean to be condescending. Additionally, the burden of proof lies with those who question.

2018-12-22 16:56:17 UTC  

[Ephesians 6:12]

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2018-12-22 16:56:31 UTC  

We have been warned

2018-12-22 16:56:57 UTC  

If you have these devices like alexa. Get rid of it

2018-12-22 16:58:47 UTC  


2018-12-22 16:58:58 UTC  

you cant take my alexa away from it

2018-12-22 17:01:00 UTC  

You can keep it but it only hurts you

2018-12-22 17:01:43 UTC  

i dont even own one <:lul:484994724118134784>

2018-12-22 17:02:52 UTC  

but its an ai
ofc it learns that sort of stuff from what we say

2018-12-22 17:03:16 UTC  

Wasn't there that chatbot that started spouting racist stuff when it came into contact with the internet

2018-12-22 17:03:23 UTC  


2018-12-22 17:03:45 UTC  

it was exposed to twitter and people started telling it to say nazi shit

2018-12-22 17:04:02 UTC  

its kinda eerie literally can only talk about it

2018-12-22 17:07:58 UTC  

And teach and tell kids to do it

2018-12-22 17:08:16 UTC  

kind of the opposite

2018-12-22 17:08:51 UTC  

people on internet literally started saying nazi shit first

2018-12-22 17:20:24 UTC  

Well if Alexa told someone to kill their parents then thats a pretty big problem imo

2018-12-22 17:21:34 UTC  

An alexa arrived at my house the other day and we have no idea who sent it

2018-12-22 17:22:46 UTC  

it is a problem

2018-12-22 17:23:18 UTC  

doesnt mean you eradicate the machine
make better filters

2018-12-22 17:34:03 UTC  

Technology is hurting us also

2018-12-22 17:35:07 UTC  

how exactly

2018-12-22 17:36:21 UTC  

Don't forget that new technology usually also means new ways to help people

2018-12-22 17:36:43 UTC  


2018-12-22 17:41:50 UTC  

you're saying as long as people are helped then we should accept the bad basically

2018-12-22 17:42:01 UTC  

How does Alexa help people?

2018-12-22 17:42:20 UTC  

Does it help ppl or just make them stupid and lazy?

2018-12-22 17:43:38 UTC  

Yeah that's been around for decades

2018-12-22 17:43:45 UTC  

Called life alert

2018-12-22 17:43:59 UTC  

I never said all technology is bad

2018-12-22 17:44:22 UTC  

When you push the help button and it says kill your parents then thats an issue

2018-12-22 17:45:07 UTC  

Old life alert commerical as kids we used to mimic