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2017-04-21 04:00:10 UTC  

Honestly I don't think that'll work. Marxists already tried to use blacks for their purposes with the niagra movement and the very beginning of the NAACP. It ended up not working and some of them testified before congress they felt they were being manipulated to push a Marxist agenda in the guise of fighting for civil rights

2017-04-21 04:00:18 UTC  

They'd sooner be eaten by BLM

2017-04-21 04:00:38 UTC  

yes but word is they trying to bring them in

2017-04-21 04:01:03 UTC  

aqnd other ppls of color'(blacs basically) for the Coulter

2017-04-21 04:01:30 UTC  

As part of antifa or making an alliance with someone like BLM. If they're not true believers they'll coopt the movement and make it about themselves. Happened with sanders and happened with occupy

2017-04-21 04:01:38 UTC  

Where is the coulter stuff

2017-04-21 04:02:12 UTC  

We should find some blacks in our own ranks and have them on the front lines. Even though 99% of us will be white it'll look good for propaganda

2017-04-21 04:02:14 UTC  

sam stay with us a second we might find how to organise , a imageboard or irc

2017-04-21 04:02:50 UTC  

Its 6 am

2017-04-21 04:02:56 UTC  

Oh you meant

2017-04-21 04:02:57 UTC  

im stupid

2017-04-21 04:03:00 UTC  

6 am brain

2017-04-21 04:03:01 UTC  

i picked it from pol ''bring in niggras and 'other people of coulour'' irony included

2017-04-21 04:03:10 UTC  

lol like this

2017-04-21 04:03:24 UTC  

oh gotta sleep sam eh

2017-04-21 04:03:27 UTC  

Black confederate flag waver vs white liberal blm supporter

2017-04-21 04:03:29 UTC  

lemme see pic

2017-04-21 04:03:36 UTC  

That one

2017-04-21 04:03:47 UTC  


2017-04-21 04:03:52 UTC  

I can't post pics directly in this discord for some reason

2017-04-21 04:04:03 UTC  

I think I'm gonna start an Anticom Sweden branch atleast

2017-04-21 04:04:12 UTC  

Gonna need some advice on how to stay anonymous with that

2017-04-21 04:04:15 UTC  

But thats for another day

2017-04-21 04:04:25 UTC  

Yeah it's gonna be tough

2017-04-21 04:04:34 UTC  

you need pol

2017-04-21 04:04:46 UTC  

open a thread there to ask how its done

2017-04-21 04:04:50 UTC  

Posting on /pol/ is how you get infiltrators

2017-04-21 04:04:53 UTC  

Well.. im banned

2017-04-21 04:04:56 UTC  

I'll get on that

2017-04-21 04:04:59 UTC  

Maybe start a swede pol general to find swedes open to your views ideologically

2017-04-21 04:05:02 UTC  

yes me too ahaha

2017-04-21 04:05:10 UTC  

Just get a proxy or change your IP

2017-04-21 04:05:11 UTC  

Ill get around the ban

2017-04-21 04:05:12 UTC  


2017-04-21 04:05:16 UTC  


2017-04-21 04:05:23 UTC  

of you reboot your modem new IP ?

2017-04-21 04:05:32 UTC  


2017-04-21 04:05:55 UTC  

do the generals thing thats its only for sweeded

2017-04-21 04:06:01 UTC