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2017-05-12 09:54:55 UTC  

fair point, which is a whole new low for humanity, but something big is definitely coming ans has been coming for a while now

2017-05-12 09:55:00 UTC  

everyone can sense it

2017-05-12 09:55:06 UTC  

You can say that. Watch what happens.

2017-05-12 09:55:07 UTC  

but no one knows what itll be

2017-05-12 09:55:13 UTC  

I have an idea.

2017-05-12 09:55:18 UTC  

**Samson Looms.**

2017-05-12 09:56:37 UTC  

thats certainly always on the table

2017-05-12 09:56:43 UTC  

scary as fuck

2017-05-12 09:57:11 UTC  

It's inevitable.

2017-05-12 09:57:50 UTC  

Eventually people get tired of kikery. Eventually kikes get removed. Eventually, they launch Samson in response. Nukes hit Warsaw, Moscow, Paris, and Berlin, at least.

2017-05-12 09:58:00 UTC  

That activates DEADHAND, which hits everyone else.

2017-05-12 09:58:13 UTC  

There is no way out.

2017-05-12 10:10:41 UTC  

Chopstickman got the money out of the legal defense fund but didn't needed it which would explain why he can travel all over the place

2017-05-12 10:14:02 UTC  

That still doesn't explain why he's agitating for the side of antifa outside of his civnat cuckery.

2017-05-12 10:14:24 UTC  

And it still doesn't explain why he's getting so much love from the eceleb crowd, other than he's with them on the Controlled Opposition team.

2017-05-12 10:14:36 UTC  

And again: Why Pettibone?

2017-05-12 10:14:45 UTC  

And why attack the protestors at NOLA?

2017-05-12 10:15:24 UTC  

p sure pettibone already had a bf too

2017-05-12 10:15:26 UTC  

And if he didn't need the defense fund, it should have been given back.

2017-05-12 10:15:30 UTC  

so idk about the sexytimes allegations

2017-05-12 10:15:32 UTC  

Yeah, that doesn't mean anything to women and you know it.

2017-05-12 10:15:55 UTC  

That means **nothing** to women and you know it. Men and women who aren't fucking don't stand that close together for photos.

2017-05-12 10:15:57 UTC  

where do you make the connection between the Civic Nationalist cucks and Chopstickman sending them

2017-05-12 10:16:07 UTC  

Because McInness and his crew were promoting it.

2017-05-12 10:16:17 UTC  

And Stickman and his allies confirmed it over twitter as well.

2017-05-12 10:16:33 UTC  

oh i didn't knew that

2017-05-12 10:16:34 UTC  

All that group is connected and none of them can be trusted.

2017-05-12 10:16:36 UTC  


2017-05-12 10:16:49 UTC  

just saw Baked Alaska disavow him

2017-05-12 10:17:18 UTC  

Alaska *may* be trustworthy at this point.

2017-05-12 10:17:32 UTC  

But, he's still too recognized by the wider arena for me to trust him.

2017-05-12 10:17:48 UTC  

didn't he dare to question the JQ?

2017-05-12 10:17:52 UTC  

He did.

2017-05-12 10:18:05 UTC  

He also ended up attacking Thernobitch after the whole Deploraball debacle.

2017-05-12 10:18:18 UTC  


2017-05-12 10:18:48 UTC  

Somewhat. It's not going fast enough, it's not getting loud enough.

2017-05-12 10:19:17 UTC  

The Civnats still outnumber and drown out any discourse other than pandering to the center and attempting to rack up things that they can "not be called racists over."

2017-05-12 10:19:27 UTC  

It's like GamerGate all over again. MUH PR ruining everything.

2017-05-12 10:19:55 UTC  

yeah they are clearly not a gateway to the Alt Right if they counter signal everything

2017-05-12 10:20:41 UTC  

Alt-Right is controlled opposition as well.

2017-05-12 10:20:47 UTC  

Richard Spencer is a scamming, rich twit faggot.