Message from UOC in Realism #general

2017-05-23 03:18:03 UTC  

Get over it

2017-05-23 03:18:26 UTC  

are you boys aware of the muslims in this very channel?

2017-05-23 03:18:45 UTC  

Theyre the good ones obviously

2017-05-23 03:18:54 UTC  

even hitler had roken jewz

2017-05-23 03:19:02 UTC  

No. I don't have a problem with muslims though. I broadly agree with your point about natural selection.

2017-05-23 03:19:24 UTC  

Mt opinions wont change cus theres muzzies

2017-05-23 03:19:48 UTC  

"the good ones"

2017-05-23 03:20:13 UTC  

this is why I declined to teach you the sacred science of good health and long life

2017-05-23 03:20:16 UTC  

Theyre not raping kids or blowing me up so yeah goodones

2017-05-23 03:20:25 UTC  


2017-05-23 03:20:40 UTC  

keep eating paleo so natural selection does its work on you too

2017-05-23 03:21:04 UTC  

theres a fine line between douchey and autistic and you walk that line

2017-05-23 03:21:23 UTC  

this age of men is complex and yet simple

2017-05-23 03:21:50 UTC  

good men lie in safe hiding while various flavors of human pollution all gut each other for our entertainment

2017-05-23 03:22:13 UTC  

they do not know it, but altright are just one more flavor of evil retard, a second islam

2017-05-23 03:22:37 UTC  

they think they are saving the world, and while they are playing a role they are cockroaches also

2017-05-23 03:23:16 UTC  


2017-05-23 03:23:46 UTC  

you like deathnote growing up too huh

2017-05-23 03:25:28 UTC  

@custer you just gotta remind yourself that everyone in here is a random dude with a socially unpalatable opinion and not get too wrapped up in the distorted internet personalities

2017-05-23 03:25:47 UTC  

thats true but cmon thats a little pretentious

2017-05-23 03:26:33 UTC  

Can't pick your family, or the people who share your paranoid underground beliefs 😃

2017-05-23 03:26:48 UTC  

i meant no disrespect ofc

2017-05-23 03:26:55 UTC  

I just chuckled a bit

2017-05-23 03:27:19 UTC  

But there is a very real difference between good and bad muslims

2017-05-23 03:29:32 UTC  

in terms of social behavior and behavior towards others who arent like them

2017-05-23 03:29:53 UTC  

the only difference is one is blatant and the other hoodwinks you with taqqiya

2017-05-23 03:30:03 UTC  

I ought to know, I am surrounded by "good" muslims

2017-05-23 03:30:14 UTC  

Stop going to curry brothels.

2017-05-23 03:30:30 UTC  

my coworkers are "good" muslims

2017-05-23 03:30:31 UTC  

My politics is less friendly. I don't need good ones or bad ones. I don't see the need.

2017-05-23 03:30:50 UTC  

Ofc islam was a peaceful religion back in the 4th century

2017-05-23 03:31:14 UTC  

they swear like sailors, drink to blackout drunkenness, fuck as many and as white of women as they can, and cheer for terrorist attacks

2017-05-23 03:31:25 UTC  

when Nice happened they were joking about taking vacations there

2017-05-23 03:31:44 UTC  

Muslims who do that are short termers

2017-05-23 03:32:02 UTC  

They do rhe sinful shit noe so when they die in jihad they couldve lived in sin and go to heaven

2017-05-23 03:32:10 UTC  

these are born arabs

2017-05-23 03:32:17 UTC  

ethnic muslims

2017-05-23 03:32:28 UTC  

although you seem rather familiar with islam

2017-05-23 03:32:45 UTC  

I took a religious course for extra cirriculsr credit

2017-05-23 03:33:11 UTC  

All Abrahamic religions were taught

2017-05-23 03:33:27 UTC  

The eastern ones were boring so i skipped the second semester