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a hive

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dalit hive

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I am in a small town for the first time and it's a world of difference

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well yeah you live on the scale people were meant to live

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we are moving right now and we have to be home so dalits can come into our place and look at it

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yeah. it feels that way. I have plans to move back to a city in a year or two but I'm trying to slither out of it. after a year of walking to work I can't imagine getting in a car and joining the freeway of ants

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it's funny how a long commute --> magnets --> no seratonin

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hellish life->???->omg brain chemicals 😦

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maybe, just maybe, we are people and this is an unacceptable way to live

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just a thought I guess

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a person I work with has been out of the office for two days at a critical time

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due to an asthma attack

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which would normally not bother me except that knowing he has asthma really makes his thrice daily smoke breaks look pretty fucking stupid

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@UOC your job seems to be evil

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How do you cope

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Or is it not an issue?

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The only people hurt by my job are the corporate structure of power companies

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who have a state-granted monopoly on a service area

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I see. Does it not introduce a large amount of bureaucratic inefficiency

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Leading to effects ar the bottom

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I.e. workforce of those power companies?

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They need to by federal law

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Ensure a portion of power gen is renewable right?

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Man. I could go on about this for days. It all starts with the concept of how power companies make money.

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I appreciate the part where power structures receive pressure

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But as the governing standards are evil

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Meant to promote waste etc

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The state sets a price that includes a certain percentage of profit. This gives power companies a perverse incentive to develop unnecessary projects then recoup those costs + profit margins through raised electricity rates.

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It seems a greater evil than power company evil

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Go on

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To answer your question, there is a ton of bureaucracy. De-regulation could solve a lot of that but also presents certain problems.

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I think it's unlikely that the grid is developed enough that everyone could have reasonably affordable power on demand with a fully de-regulated grid right now. Maybe in the near future.

2017-05-24 15:06:40 UTC  

What is your own opinion on renewable energy

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In general

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Also another set of questions

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From a climate change standpoint, I'm not really qualified to address the question. I am skeptical of climate models. On the balance though, I would prefer a power source with non-deleterious effects on my local environment. I respect nature and think there are good reasons to preserve it.

The problem is more of an economic and political one. Renewable energy is not developed right now to the point that you can simply replace high-capacity baseload generation (coal, natural gas) with renewables and have all the nice things we have now, like all the power we want for cheap whenever we want it. This is true because we haven't solved certain fundamental problems (efficient transport, storage, intermittency).

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Nuclear power could solve many of our issues but is politically unpopular.