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someone alleged in the thread that the state of emergency was concerning mostly organized crime like yakuza and beaners, not jews

They're quoting the list previously mentioned as examples by Obama. Irrelevant bullshit.

What did Trump say? Oh only international banksters.

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gas the "international bankers"

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gas the "globalists"

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the jews are our greatest ally

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enter into this specially prepared oxygenation room greatest ally

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so the ADL just made a "hate list" with a bunch of spergs on it

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apparently the list includes Alex Jones

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that's really funny to me because it proves that even an outspoken philosemite who is remotely right wing will be labeled an antisemite

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as far as I know jones is like a libertarian "live and let live, we all have our rights" sperg who periodically froths at the mouth with love for jews and israel

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yet here he is on an antisemite hate list

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so as always I say... if no matter what you do you will be accused of being a nazi... why not just go ahead and proudly be a nazi and get it over with? At least then some people will respect you

The overton window moved and I became a Nazi. In response I fully learned the history of reality. Furor Teutonic against the Holy Roman Empire. Holodomer. Weimar Government. Yes, I am a Nazi now. The underlying lesson of the fasces is a "bundle of uniformed sticks is hard to break." Diversity is directly opposite and therefore the originators of that idea seek to break us.

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Muh PR cucks always call me a shill, but they do not understand that what I propose would actually improve their PR

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I see a dozen types of closet nazi skittering around trying to deny the obvious, thinking that people will be stupid enough to think rebranded nazism is something entirely different, even while consciously knowing that anyone who says any version of "white = good," or even "some parts of white civilization have value," will be instantly labeled a nazi

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it'd be a lot better PR if they all just turned around at the same time and said "yes, actually we are Nazis, all of us, and we are coming for you"

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Trump has been great at making a really REALLY dilute form of white power that normies feel morally comfortable IRL representing, which is very important because now we have hordes of proud red hats at every SJW protest

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but ultimately that really does need to just transform into jackboots and armbands

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that tacky trucker hat shit was true marketing genius

And the names the left give us. Literally not working anymore.

"Oh yes, we're all deplorables over here, like more than half the nation and more everyday because we're building dat wall"

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and you can so clearly see it in random internet exchanges all over the web - these people in their red hats are only wearing red hats because it's what's acceptable, it's pretty obvious they'd all be wearing either nazi uniforms or fatigues and ski masks with ancapistan logos

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but they wear the red hat because it's the closest they can get and be marginally acceptable

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yeah I lived in the northeast where the everyman was slightly to the left of Stalin and even there I found lots of trump supporters

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lots of micks especially were pro trump and had thinly suppressed pro white sentiment

It's the closest (I'm a mick) we've come to real representation in a long while

Cross between cajun and irish

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I have nothing against micks. I had my DNA analysed and I had a surprising amount of it myself

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I like micks because they are rowdy and violent

It's interesting reading history and about how the Irish became White

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in burgerland?

it disspells notions that it's about the color of you skin. Thus "we fellow whites goyim" tricks.