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many stuff you would find over at 4chan's music board

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SJWs in 4chan?

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Didn't Tumblr try to raid /b/ in the 4th of July?

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they aren't the most obvious, but that board is very left-leaning

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wouldn't know that

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/pol/ is more right-leaning, right?

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Since I'm just 14 I'm a bit scared of hopping into 4chan, but I try to know about it

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**C A N N I B A L I Z E T H E I N F E R I O R**

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I read 4chan since I was 11, I turned out fine

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I mean the stuff they do is pretty awesome, for example tracking down the bikelock guy

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I want to do that stuff too lol

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pass the grass and eat her ass

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I'd love to rekt Antifa like they do

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there was a period in time where i liked to go on the music board a lot, then i started going exclusively for the metal threads

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🇧 🇱 🇦 🇿 🇮 🇹 🇫 🇦 🇬 🇬 🇴 🇹

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that stopped around a year ago though, it is too embarassing

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You missed an E

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those people just talk about power metal and glam metal

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and worship deathspell omega

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I can't unsee that, I need to correct it

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strive for the good enough

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I hate how SJWs try to say anime is sexist but I bet some whack it to gay hentai or something I dunno

2018-01-15 15:51:50 UTC  

I'd dare Jonathan McIntosh to try to say shit about JoJo's, he'd get rekt faster than the video would be uploaded lol

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*Sorry if I got into weeb mode for a sec there lol*

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Never met one IRL so as far as I'm concerned they don't exist

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I mean I guess I'm pushing it a little to try to get you guys to talk about SJWs I guess

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I say "I guess" too much

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*gosh help me*

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Emma wanted the ‘refuse’ instead because she enjoyed playing God and imagined herself ‘helping’ them. She was a moral person who would do anything to obtain the fix of being ‘good.’ It must have given her a warm, inner glow to write what she did and the progressives mades sure her sentiments were set in stone in order to make sure everyone knew how good she was. Her plaque is nothing more than progressive virtue signaling.

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I am a racist bigot

2018-01-15 18:03:12 UTC  

or more accurately I practice racial chauvinism