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2018-01-26 20:22:17 UTC  

then they are fat and cannot run

2018-01-26 20:22:23 UTC  

do not even know what to run to

2018-01-26 20:22:26 UTC  

do not know what "slicing the pie" means

2018-01-26 20:22:38 UTC  

basically are completely out of shape and do not know their ass from a hole in the ground

2018-01-26 20:22:38 UTC  

Oh wait people are talking, cool

2018-01-26 20:22:57 UTC  

I was talking with a guy at my church

2018-01-26 20:22:59 UTC  

he was fat

2018-01-26 20:23:09 UTC  

I was saying "yeah well I have lived in all these hellhole places so I am always training"

2018-01-26 20:23:21 UTC  

he says "yeah well I have an AR15 in my closet at home so I don't need to do any of that"

2018-01-26 20:23:31 UTC  

so I just whipped out my knife and said "okay shoot me"

2018-01-26 20:23:37 UTC  

"well it's sitting at home"

2018-01-26 20:23:41 UTC  

muh semi automatic Armaliteā„¢ 15

2018-01-26 20:23:52 UTC  

Oh, time to talk about how "fat acceptance" sucks then? I'm ready I guess...? Or is it about gun control....?

2018-01-26 20:24:01 UTC  

I'm trying to find the theme here I guess

2018-01-26 20:24:10 UTC  

then he was a fat suit wearer so I am certain it's not like he knows how to move and strategize with a firearm

2018-01-26 20:24:10 UTC  

So that I can contribute

2018-01-26 20:24:12 UTC  


2018-01-26 20:24:15 UTC  

how about you shut the fuck up and lurk

2018-01-26 20:24:22 UTC  

we're talking about the different types of people who shoot guns

2018-01-26 20:24:30 UTC  

and whether or not they are as expert as they claim

2018-01-26 20:24:33 UTC  

Oh. That makes sense, okay then

2018-01-26 20:24:40 UTC  

well they do not even know what expertise entails

2018-01-26 20:24:45 UTC  

I guess I'll come back later (?)

2018-01-26 20:25:02 UTC  

I will gladly listen to anything you have to say, Fenix

2018-01-26 20:25:08 UTC  

they think it entails targets, they do not ever do any scenario training or gunsport stuff like airsoft/paintball

2018-01-26 20:25:46 UTC  

They kind of ignore how much ammo they would need to "fight the muslims"

2018-01-26 20:26:39 UTC  

Just gotta run home open up my gun closet, get my Armaliteā„¢ 15 and use all 270 rounds of ammunition that i have stored up then die

2018-01-26 21:41:21 UTC  

their notion of how a gun fight works, and the ramifications after the fact, are complete fantasy

2018-01-26 21:50:27 UTC  


2018-01-26 22:25:50 UTC  

even fat republicans doing room clearing demos they do it by standing tall and walking slow

2018-01-26 22:26:01 UTC  

I think paintballers would slaughter them

2018-01-26 22:26:39 UTC  

two 17 year old kids who played paintball for several years vs two fat boomers who took shooting lessons for a decade, I would bet it all on the 17 year olds

2018-01-27 01:19:33 UTC  

We're going to build the gas chamber

2018-01-27 01:19:43 UTC  

And make the Jews pay for it!

2018-01-27 01:19:46 UTC  

- Me

2018-01-27 01:35:22 UTC  

I refuse to even look at charlton links

2018-01-27 02:19:57 UTC  

what does an adult human even think "unity through difference" even means

2018-01-27 02:26:43 UTC  

also does anyone ever point out how diversity is a huge resource drain? All the energy people use to fight over what version of society's conventions to use, that same energy could've been used to engineer better solar panels and make better music and shit

2018-01-27 02:30:30 UTC  

I seriously want to just post that on faceberg once my business takes off

2018-01-27 02:30:40 UTC  

Maybe make a picture