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Orwell's final book is a dystopian "future" (for when he wrote it, that is.) It is supposed to show the dangers of an all powerful government. (Of course, Mrs Clinton got the wrong message when she read it.)

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Most of you have probably heard of these books in your Government and Physiology classes in high school and collage. I read them on my own free time. In either situation, I recommend them, so we have better arguing points for our "fight" for America

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There are many parallels with the current decline of Europe/the West.

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Online versions.. I'll have to save them

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I know the link looks like bait, but this is a pdf of "THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE

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A History Of Religious Ideas, Vol 1: From The Stone Age To The Eleusinian Mysteries:

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A History Of Religious Ideas, Vol 2: From Gautama Buddha To The Triumph Of Christianity:

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A History Of Religious Ideas, Vol 3: From Muhammad To The Age Of Reforms:

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hey guys, what are the best redpills that I can use to redpill my friends? They're pretty brainwashed by msm but I'm making progress; a friend of mine calls CNN fake news 😄

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Hey, lets try to keep images out of this

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Unless its staristics, facts, etc

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And sections of documents are fine aswell

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Someone pin this ^

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The Jews and Modern Capitalism is very flattering

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Jews master race

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(I can't believe I have to say this)

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Let's TRY to keep the shit that would make us look like Nazi's out of <#363104072363933718> and <#356277119862439937>

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Like, come on

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Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson

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@Sheogorath you are so smart

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Rucka Rucka Ali picture, argument denied

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i will search anotherone

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give me time plz @!Co-Owner!

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Hey I don't think he's a Nazi by claiming Jews are behind everything capitalist

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I take it as a compliment

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If only one of my brethren would give me a god damn bank

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