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I could make a video of murders and use a funny thumbnail and name and make it for kids and no one would ever know.

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I wonder if elsagate is related to Weinstein and pizzagate

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Google is a leftist company after all

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Rosa Luxemburg's "Question of Russian Social Democracy" aka "Leninism or Marxism"

"The Russian Revolution" ibid

The National Question ibid, r.e. Nationalism and Marxian Theory/Practice
October 9, 2017

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I learn something new everyday.

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I have a really nice copy of the Divine comedy that has images of engravings on almost every page. Can see if I can find a PDF. If not. I'll take a few pics of it. They are pretty neat.

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I'm sorry @Walter

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@Walter I am very sorry you have had this experience on the right server

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We have dealt with the problem user

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Hopefully this issue never happens again 😃

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We have conducted a meta-analysis of virtually all twin studies published
in the past 50 years, on a wide range of traits and reporting
on more than 14 million twin pairs across 39 different countries.
Our results provide compelling evidence that all human traits are
heritable: not one trait had a weighted heritability estimate of zero.
The relative influences of genes and environment are not randomly
distributed across all traits but cluster in functional domains. In
general, we showed that reported estimates of variance components
from model-fitting can underestimate the true trait heritability, when
compared with heritability based on twin correlations. Roughly
two-thirds of traits show a pattern of monozygotic and dizygotic
twin correlations that is consistent with a simple model whereby trait
resemblance is solely due to additive genetic variation. This implies
that, for the majority of complex traits, causal genetic variants can be
detected using a simple additive genetic model.