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Mirrors edge soundtrack was and will be one of the best soundtracks in the history of gaming

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@everyone Hitler stated to be alive in 1955.

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There are currently more slaves on earth, than any other time in human history. Where is the outrage?

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Big ol' list of educational literature regarding Philosophy and Politics.
Geared towards Right-Wing.

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this is some scary shit'

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**Race (General)**

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Human evolution is not merely ongoing but is in fact accelerating. Source:
Human races are diverging into separate species, not mixing into one. Source:
The average H-1B immigrant is less intelligent and qualified than the average American. Source:
Immigration has reduced the average skill level of Americans. Source:
54% of college educated immigrants in America are not proficient in literacy. Source:
15% of the human genome has been under selective pressures since the races separated. Source:
Scientific discussion of race has increased since 1946 onwards. Source:
Melanin concentration may directly correlate with aggression. Source:
Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty. Source:
The purpose of section 8 housing is to move Blacks from elite urban areas to middle class suburbs. Source:
The percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in an area, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime. Source:
High income does not help Middle Eastern, East Indian and Asian men date White women. Source:
Women who claim to be willing to date any race are lying and are just as

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discriminatory as women with explicit racial preferences. Source:
Half of hate crimes are Blacks and Hispanics attacking each other. Source:
White and Asian women have more successful marriages than Black or Hispanic women. Source:
Blacks and Hispanics have less ability to delay gratification than Whites. Source:
Racism is an “automatic” part of human behavior. Source:
Men with high testosterone, who are also more attractive, are more likely to be racist. Source:
Of the 30 most deadly mass shootings in America, non-whites committed 36%, a slight overrepresentation. Source:
Most students accused of sexual assault on college campuses are non-White. Source:

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White men are pound-for-pound stronger than Black or Hispanic men. Source:
Germanic/Nordic people have lower time preference than any other group. Source:
Asians, Hispanics and Blacks would rather live among White people than among other minorities. Source:
90% of gang members are non-White. Source:
Non-Jewish Whites are the most underrepresented group in top colleges. Source:
The Western aesthetic of big eyes and pale skin is universally considered appealing. Source:
There are more significant artistic figures from West than from the rest of the world combined. Source:

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