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Yes it is if your picking from sources that suggest one condition, and there exists double blind peer reviewed scientific studies which suggest the opposite condition.

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then provide them

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there are multiple studies in there from the national center for biotechnology info

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and national library of medicine

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does it have to be from nibs?

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I'll show you data supporting cannabis's relative neurologic safety some other time. I have other things i'd rather be doing atm. I have to say if you've looked into this at all you'd know theres studies that suggest negative and positive consequences of cannabis use according to just about any parameter you could conceive. ProCon is a good place to get started.

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There are positives of using various forms of 'weed,' but not the kind many would think of such as just smoking, especially with THC inside

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there are benefits to an extraction of cannabinoids akin to the benefits of using fresh oregano

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and thanks @xX NegroSaki Samurai Xx as I'm sure there are other sources to doubly support all that you have posted here and these studies weren't just 'cherry-picked'

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I was watching this without sound but unless he says them, there are no credible sources for this

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Not only that, but one of the only photos he uses to tie camps to Americans is a poorly cropped image

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If you look closely you can see the edges of this too sharp and the lighting is wrong

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Isn't this /yourguy/? (It's about Vietnam)

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been looking for something that showcases the BS at nuremberg, this ones pretty good

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This is super interesting. Quite long, but talks about the Saudis and their masisve artifical intelligence investments and about the big megacity they want to build.

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Stonehenge was the first clock to calculate the six seasons. That is why the Yulewheel matches with the six points at #Stonehenge

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Stonehenge also has constellations on the ground proving it was the Aryans not the Brahmin or their brothers the Druids who made #Stonehenge

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The Nebra disc found in Germany dates back to 1600 BCE. Shows the constellations as #Stonehenge showing evidence of one big Ethnoreligion

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This the Brahmin, the Druids, the Magis didn't work against each other but together to erase our history. They were all foreign priests. We know this because all of these foreign priests had no knowledge of this. The celts the Greeks the Vikings are all descendants of the Aryans. By learning our true history we can take back our freedom.

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